Top 10 Dog Blogs

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Top 10 Dog Blogs

If you love pets in general and dogs especially then you will love these top 10 dog blogs that should be familiar to any fan of pets. The nature of the internet is to change and the blogs that were popular once can become less interesting over time while others rise up to take their place. Here is the situation now with the dog blogs, we chose the most important ones for you and if you don’t know them you should definitely check them out!

Labrador Training HQ

We know this is very specific but there are a lot of Labrador Retriever owners and the information on this site isn’t all exclusive for that breed. They post about once a day and their topics cover training in a lot of detail as well as health and behavior discussions to ensure your pet is in perfect condition. Training is detailed for Labradors especially and you also find guides to different products or supplies for dogs. It might not be for everyone but if you have a Labrador then this site will be the perfect destination for all the information you might seek.

Dog Milk: Where Dogs Meet Design

This dog blog was founded by Jaime Derringer and the purpose of the blog was to provide a place where modern dog lovers can discover new products and find out what lies beyond the chain pet stores. They talk about a lot of products but don’t sell anything on their site. We really love this site as it is an amazing source of inspiration and if you are dog lover who is artistically inclined then this site will prove to be a gold mine. They post about three times a week and aside from dog products they also talk about do it yourself guides and traveling.

Top 10 Dog Blogs

Dog Tipper

This is a blog written by a professional writing couple who authored 33 pet and travel books. They have a dog store as well and they feature products from all around the world with ten percents of their income being donated to the featured pet rescues. Their information is about traveling with dogs and also about ways of helping your dog or original ideas on how to have more fun. They post about once each day so you have a good reason to visit them daily.

Dog Shaming

The name of the site says it all. Dog owners throughout the globe can post pictures here with their dog and some text telling everyone what their pet did wrong. It is adorable when you see the cutest pet ever and a text saying they pooped on a pillow. Anyone can post their picture here and it is a funny site so make sure you check them out.

Modern Dog magazine

They cover almost everything that involves dogs even if their posts aren’t very frequent. You will find information about dog wellness, training and rescue as well as many do it yourself guides or recipes for dog food. One other part of the site is the product review in which they cover toys or gear for your pet as well as traveling guides. They also have a photo contest so if you want your pet to become a star this is a great place to start!

Top 10 Dog Blogs

The Bark Magazine

This award-winning magazine covers modern dog culture and provides you with a new post each day of the week. The stories they feature are informative and inspiring and they are around since 1997 so they have a lot of experience. Their magazine is published four times a year but their blog is a lot more active and their motto is “dog is my co-pilot”.

Adopt a Pet

This site has many uses as it is the largest non-profit pet adoption site and they work with over 13,000 public and private animal shelters and humane societies. If you are looking to expand your family with a new pet then this should be your first stop. Adoption is always a better solution than simply buying a pet, you will find ample arguments for this on their site. As for the blog, they don’t post very often but they provide helpful information about dogs and a lot of funny cartoons.

Top 10 Dog Blogs

The Whole Dog Journal

A very professional site, this journal focuses on reviewing dog food, dog toys and other dog care products and they do this with a lot of information. This is a site that is great for those who want to make sure they provide the best care for their pet. The community is very active and you get a lot of training tips or information about the health of your pet as well. They don’t post very often, about once a week but their articles are really detailed so you will surely find new things in them.

Life With Dogs

There is also a cat version of this site and they look for the most relevant news and videos about dogs. They try to be funny and they can also move you to tears with some of their stories. The main focus they have is on stories and news so you will be kept up to date with everything going on in the dog world. From a personal blog this has grown into a larger venture and they are very active with several posts each day so you will have plenty of content to keep you interested.

Top 10 Dog Blogs


They have a shop as well as a blog and a forum. They try to make unique and fun products which are dog themed and help support animal shelters or rescue organizations. You get a ton of posts each week and there is a lot of information at your disposal here. Their main topics are about behavior, lifestyle and health of dogs and there are also many stories that will brighten your day. Due to the sheer amount of information, their professionalism, their good intentions and the community they have built, this blog should be your first stop as a dog lover.

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