Can Dogs Eat Onions

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can dogs eat onions

Today’s question: can dogs eat onions? Are onions bad for dogs? Scroll down for detailed answers.

Onions have a reputation as being a versatile food, able to accompany most any dish and any food tolerance level.  Onions can be eaten raw, sautéed, baked, and fried.  Dipped, or added to meals, topped on a salad, or eaten on the side, onions are either loved or hated by most humans.  Those who have a preference on the side of onions usually do so with a passion.  It is no surprise that onion lovers may wish to share the joy of onion with their pet.

Onions are quite common in the diet of a human due to their nutritious nature and the ability for an onion to be blended into most any food.  Onion may be great for a humans’ diet, but can your furry pet have some? Can dogs eat onions? No. You should not consider feeding your fuzzy dog onion treats. This article provides you with everything you should know on the subject of offering onion to dogs. Being informed when it comes to your dog’s diet is always a positive idea. Let’s see why are onions at the top of the list of human foods you should avoid feeding your dog at all costs.

can dogs eat onions

Can Dogs Eat Onions? Why Not?

You should not feed onions to your dog because they are utterly toxic. More exactly, onions might harshly cause undue harm on the immunity of your dog by destroying his/her red blood cells.  When one debates offering onion to the dog, destroying red blood cells is not on the list of occurrences that may happen in an adverse reaction.  Researching the toxicity of any food before feeding to your dog is must when practicing safe dog care.

What about a small amount of onions – is that fine for your dog to have? No, not even a small amount is okay. Perhaps small amounts of onion might not have such a harsh, obvious impact to his/her health as a larger portion would have, but that does not make the eating of onions safe. Thus, as it may determine severe cellular damage, onions are definitely not safe treats.

Additionally, even significantly smaller onion portions can cause subclinical hemolysis. That means it will imminently determine the cell destruction of a small amount of red cells. As red blood cells aim at properly oxygenating your dog’s brain and important organs, their reduction is definitely harmful for your pet’s health.

Additionally, onions may determine the weakening of your dog’s cell membrane, whilst at the same time causing the occurrence of severe anemia. Therefore, because of these detriments onions present on your dog’s health, you should steer clear of offering this veggie to your furry friend.

Onions’ Harmful Impact on Dogs’ Brain

Onions seems to have a strong adverse reaction to the blood cells of dogs.  Healthy red blood cells are important aspects of any dog’s health.  The blood cells not only effect the immunity and overall health of the dog, but more importantly, the brain of the dog.

One way onions’ consumption affects your dogs’ health is by oxidizing the hemoglobin-cells, which are oxygen-transporting proteins in your dog’s blood. If these proteins go through oxidization, clumps will occur, thus deterring the proper oxygenation of your pet’s brain and vital organs. The cells will still oxygenate your dog’s body, just not as effectively as they should.

The small clumps – named Heinz bodies, normally determine the diminishing of the red blood cells’ life span. This is what causes your dog to eventually suffer from harsh anemia. That happens especially if large amounts of onions are eaten in a small amount of time.

The Harmful Symptoms of Onions

What makes onions such harmful treats besides the detrimental impact they have on your dog’s health, is that most of the warning signs may go unnoticed. The first signs are a sudden lack of appetite accompanied by a general state of lethargy. If your dog doesn’t seem to be as energetic as usual then something’s most certainly is wrong with him.

If your pet accidentally stumbles across onions and devours them, the symptoms should be evident. These symptoms include vomiting, abdominal pain, yellowing of the gums and eyes, abnormal urine color, lethargy, difficulty in breathing, faster heart rate, and decreased stamina. These are all alarming symptoms for every dog owner. And to make matters worse, the odds are the symptoms only occur later on (3-5 days after eating it).

Also, make sure to avoid dehydrated onions, onion soup mix or onion powder. These foods are concentrated forms of onion and may lead to toxicosis as well.

For small breeds of dogs, the risks are even higher, their bodies are much smaller and they’re normally more sensitive. Even if larger breeds present stronger immunity, under no circumstances should onions be offered as treats. Not even in moderation.

Onion Poisoning – What to Do?

If your dog suffers from early symptoms of onion poisoning then you’re lucky. If you notice it in its early stage, your dog will need to go through a detoxification process. However, early symptoms rarely occur, therefore your dog may be required to go through oxygen therapy or blood transfusions as well.

Large quantity of onions can lead to severe anemia. The bottom line is that the minute you notice that something’s wrong with your pet, take it to the vet. The sooner you do that, the smaller the health detriments will be. It’s the best thing you can do for your dog’s health. The vet might induce vomiting if the symptoms are not utterly harsh, or administer a medicine in order to diminish the assimilation process of onions. The toxicity onions have on dogs makes it impossible for you to treat your pet at home.

To sum it up, dogs shouldn’t be fed onion treats, even if they’re eagerly begging to have some crunchy onion rings. Neither raw, nor cooked are they viable, healthy options for your furry pet to relish. Thus, try to steer clear of accidentally slipping a few slices of onions in your dog’s diet. Even though the symptoms may not be noticed right away, in the long run, your dog might end up suffering from severe anemia and other health-related problems as well.



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