Best Dog Blogs 2017

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Best Dog Blogs 2017

There are thousands of blogs which are interested in man’s best friend but only a few of them are the best dog blogs 2017 and we are here to present those to you. We did lists like this in the past but things change quite quickly in the world of the internet and some of the popular sites of yesterday have grown less popular today and others raise to take their place. These are the blogs that we consider to be the most significant in 2017 if you are interested in dogs and we will tell you why we recommend each one.

Created in 2010, this site has a lot of initiatives that are dog-related. They make products to support animal shelters and rescue organizations and want to ensure better conditions for all shelter animals. They also have an extensive blog and their philosophy can be expressed by these five points:

  1. Inspire the audience to adopt, not to shop for a family member.

  2. Educate the community about how to care for their pets.

  3. Entertain the audience with cute and funny photos of pets.

  4. Provide the best content and products for dog lovers.

  5. Connect dog lovers of all types together to discuss and learn from one another.

They take their mission seriously and this is why they are one of the best blogs on the web at this moment!

Best Dog Blogs 2017

Life With Dogs

This blog is amazing due to the huge amount of news and content that they provide for anyone interested in dogs. It was a personal blog first but now it is probably the source which offers most information about dogs and the owner also creates cartoons or Photoshop pictures of dogs that will make your day brighter. They are definitely informative and funny at the same time and this is much more than a simple blog so you shouldn’t miss it.

The Whole Dog Journal

This is a magazine and a blog so you get top quality articles here with issues that are well-researched and detailed to find out more about dog care and training in particular. They orient their interests toward natural care and diets along with complementary therapies that come from experts in the field so you get to find out how your dog can benefit from chiropractic treatments, massage, acupuncture or homeopathy and they also review products.

The Bark Magazine’s Dog Blog

Best Dog Blogs 2017

A magazine of modern dog culture with a blog as well to keep you updated, The Bark was founded in 1997 so they have a lot of experience and the magazine won several awards throughout its lifetime, attesting to its quality. This means that you get information from some of the best experts in the field and many important authors so it stands out above the rest of the blogs through the top notch writing.

Modern Dog magazine blog

This is a “lifestyle magazine for modern dogs and their companions” and they offer just about everything you need to know about your pet. You get to take a look at the latest toys and gear as well as find information about training, wellness, recipes or do it yourself instructions to keep your pet satisfied and modern.

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