Top 10 Dogs With Kids

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Top 10 Dogs With Kids

Sometimes it is difficult to have the two in the same place and so we present you our top 10 dogs with kids, finding the breeds that are the most children-friendly. Children like to pet and play with the animals they have near them and this can make the pets feel uncomfortable so they may act in unexpected manners. This can depend on several factors that involve the dog so let us go over these first.

The size of the pet matters as the larger breeds are usually more docile and the smaller ones are more excitable. Also children aren’t always as gentle as they could be with pets so a sturdier dog is a better option.

One other important element is the amount of energy that the dog has since children are very active and you want the dog to keep up with them. At the same time, you should always think about your own lifestyle when choosing a dog as a sedentary one will be more susceptible to health problems.

The temperament or personality of the dog can differ according to the breed and a calmer dog is obviously better for children. You probably have enough on your hands with the children so look for a dog that can help you instead of one that will cause more trouble.

Bull Dog

Top 10 Dogs With Kids

This breed might be a surprise to some since they definitely aren’t very energetic but they make up for it through their sturdiness and their adaptability. They are friendly and loyal, so they will be good companions for children and generally require a minimal amount of grooming, only the teeth need frequent cleaning. Due to their smaller size and their general laid back attitude they are great for apartments as well.


Top 10 Dogs With Kids

These small dogs are calm and love to explore the outdoors so if you live in a house then they are a great choice. They were bred for hunting and they have a lot of energy so they don’t get tired of playing games. They are intelligent and can get along with other pets but their shedding means that you will have to bath and brush them frequently.

Bull Terrier

Top 10 Dogs With Kids

They are friendly and caring even if some consider them to to be aggressive with other animals. They were bred as companion dogs so they behave but you do need to train them well and your children should understand that they have this responsibility. If they are kept active each day they will be satisfied and won’t cause problems but if you have more sedentary children then this breed can start thinking of various mischiefs to keep themselves entertained.


Top 10 Dogs With Kids

We said Collie in general as there are several breeds classified into this category like the Border Collie or the Bearded Collie. They are very easy to train and they were bred as herding dogs so they will be protective and aiming to please their family members. They are sensitive but if you don’t train them properly they can be very stubborn yet they are caring from their nature. Since their hair is long you will need to groom them regularly.


Top 10 Dogs With Kids

These dogs are highly intelligent and even if their size might be imposing they are very gentle, patient and kind. They like to have a purpose and thus they require frequent stimulation. This means that it will be easy to train them and you will quickly become attached to this breed. The large size means that they prefer open spaces when they play but to be a part of the family they will want to live indoors with you.


Top 10 Dogs With Kids

Coming from Hungary, this dog breed is a sporting dog and the smallest all-round pointer-retriever breed. The medium size makes them great hunters but aside from other sporting dogs this breed is also excelent as a household and family companion. They are gentle, affectionate and loyal but they can also be easily trained. They form strong bonds with family members and since they are intelligent they will require both mental and physical stimulation. Great if the children are very active since they require regular exercise.

Irish Setter

Top 10 Dogs With Kids

The “red” setter gets along with children really well as well as with other dogs and likes to greet all visitors. They are actually a hunting breed so cats might be a problem for them but aside from that they are very affectionate. The energetic breed loves to be with their family members and really dislikes being alone. They are easy to train and great if you have a yard as they require a lot of exercise.


Top 10 Dogs With Kids

They are appreciated for their curly hair but they are also extremely intelligent dogs and they can have a miniature or a standard size so you can find the right one for your living environment. The standard breed is very obedient and playful but they tend to stay away from strangers. The miniature version dedicates their attention to one person in particular but are just as obedient, playful or great with children. The coats they have will require regular grooming but they shed very little so if someone has allergies they are a good choice.

Labrador Retriever

Top 10 Dogs With Kids

A very popular breed, they are appreciated for their intelligence, reliability and for their patience. They are playful and require a lot of exercise so you need to be active. They get along with other animals and are protective of their family members as well as very reliable. Their short coats don’t require too much grooming and you will have that solved with a simple weekly combing session.

Golden Retriever

Top 10 Dogs With Kids

The Golden Retriever is a very intelligent and loyal dog and they are very patient as well so they are amazing with children. One of the most popular breeds for families, it is not difficult to understand why as they are very affectionate and can also be trained with ease. They require a lot of exercise so they will love to play with children and, as the name says, their main activity is to retrieve things so a game like fetch is just up their alley.

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