Can Hamsters Eat Bananas

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can hamsters eat bananas

Hamsters are lovely little pets known for their great attitude. They always show adorable response if touched gently. Fruits and vegetables are its lovely feasts and this easily provides answer to your questions can hamsters eat bananas? If you are really serious for providing quality food items to your lovely little pet then focus on the recommendations provided by this article.

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can hamsters eat bananas

Can Hamsters Eat Bananas

As mentioned earlier, hamsters mainly prefer to eat fruits and vegetables. A little hamster always seeks to bite small pieces of banana. So there is no harm if owners serve it with fresh banana slices two-three days a week. However, banana is only meant as a treat. Also, give only one little slice of banana at the time. Make sure that the banana is not rotten otherwise the little pet can be infected with diarrhea. It is better to serve it in slices because a hamster cannot consume such large of a fruit and consuming too much of it is dangerous to your pets health. Concurrently, banana peels are safe for hamsters in limited quantities as well. Always offer the peels in tiny pieces.

Some Facts About Banana

Bananas are widely consumed fruit of the world. Both human beings and animals like hamsters, monkeys, chimpanzees and other fruit loving animals derive equal nutritional elements from a banana.It boosts your overall health. Its advantages mainly comprised the following mentioned below:

  • Heart Health: Bananas are supporting the overall health of the heart. They also contain Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, potassium and fiber. Bananas are ideal for reducing the risk of cardio vascular diseases. They are also improving the toxic chemical substances in the body, the role of this fruit is indomitable.
  • Cancer prevention: Increased consumption of bananas can minimize the chance of diseases like leukemia and colorectal cancer to a significant extent. As banana contains Vitamin C, it can effectively combat cancer causing radicals and eliminate them completely from our body. Besides fiber intakes of this fruit can filter out toxic elements from our body completely.
  •   Blood Pressure: Consuming bananas can play a vital role in reducing the level of blood pressure to a considerable extent. Increased blood pressure often results in high concentration of sodium in the body and to reduce this level of intake, banana are quite ideal.
  • Curing diarrhea: Doctors always recommend eating bananas for the proper treatment of diarrhea. People tend to lose vast quantity of potassium from their body because of diarrhea. Bananas replenish the levels of lost minerals. Banana is the perfect food for consumption.
  • Preserving memory: Tryptophan present in the bananas is a particular type of amino acid which plays a significant role in the preservation of memory as well as lifting our moods.

Facts About Storing Bananas

Never push your hamsters to eat banana because that might lead to increased health problems. So when your cute pets are not in the mood for bananas then don’t dispose these purchased bananas. Instead look for ways to preserve them in the ways mentioned below:

  • When storing the bananas in the fridge, keep them in a plastic container to prevent the escape of ethylene gas to reach the other portions of the fruit and thus allows fast ripening inside.
  • Every day, you must pull the bananas away from its bunch to keep them healthy and fresh for your lovely hamsters.
  • Place unripe fruits next to your banana to reduce the speed of ripening to a considerable extent.

Disadvantages Of Regular Consumption Of Bananas To The Hamsters

As you are already aware of the fact that serving banana slice once a week will do no harm to your lovely hamster. However, there needs to have some balance in it. Crossing that limit can result in following problems to the hamsters:

    • High sugar content in a banana can result in many health conditions of your hamsters, always avoid serving banana in a regular basis.
    • Banana is also known to have a high calorific value and if you regularly feed it to your dwarf hamster, it may cause diabetes.
    • Excessive banana feedings can also result in increased physical weight of your hamster which can restrict its normal physical movements.

Foods That Need To Be Avoided 

Avoid feeding your pet hamsters sticky, dry and sharp fruit. These foods would stick in its mouth and can harm its delicate tissues. In this respect, avoid serving junk foods and chocolates to the hamsters because both are poisonous for them to consume.

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