Can Hamsters Eat Cucumbers

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can hamsters eat cucumbers

Can hamsters eat cucumbers? Hamsters do eat cucumbers as they are fond of fruits and veggies. It is important that you focus on the likes and dislikes of your pet to make sure that they have a balanced diet. You should make sure that they are getting adequate quantity of food even if you are not around. Cucumber can be a good source of liquid for their body as it helps them to remain hydrated.

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can hamsters eat cucumbers

Can Hamsters Eat Cucumbers And How Much Would Be Enough For Them?

Hamsters like nutritious food, it provides them with right amount of energy but one must make sure that they are not providing excess of anything to these pets. Before serving cucumbers to them, one should cut the cucumber into very small pieces so that it is easy for hamsters to chew it. Only few slices are enough as cucumbers tend to have high amount of liquid content. If you don’t cut the cucumber slices into small pieces then your pet would not be able to chew them properly and it could create digestion problems. These small mammals are also prone to infections and excessive intake of cucumbers can cause them diarrhea.

Some Facts About Cucumbers 

Cucumbers are a treat when offered during the summer months. Not only the animals, but cucumbers are something which we as humans love to include in our diet as refreshing salads. Yes definitely, your hamster would love it as well. There are a host of benefits which it offers to your small pet.

Firstly, the skin of the cucumber is loaded with phytonutrients and is also a rich source of vitamin A, B1, B6, C and D. Along with these, it is a good source of magnesium, potassium, and calcium. The other advantage which cucumbers offer includes the presence of silica, which helps in promoting stronger body joints through strengthening of the connective tissues. You may offer cucumbers supplemented with celery that would help in creating a supermix. This helps in offering relief from all sorts of joint pain and facilitates the mobility of this small creature.

Presence of potassium adds on a heart friendly electrolyte and phytochemical that has the ability of killing all sorts of bacteria within your pet’s mouth. Other benefits from cucumber includes the ability of controlling the blood pressure levels and good heart rates. However, citing all the benefits above, you must not offer cucumbers to the hamster in huge volumes. It has to be offered under moderation as excess of cucumbers could lead to stomach upset and loose stools. It’s just a couple of slices that is enough for the hamster in a day.

What Should I do If Cucumber Affects My Pet Hamster?

Generally, cucumbers are good for the hamster’s health and don’t affect them. They are really good for them during summers as it can protect them from heat strokes. The only time a hamster gets affected by a cucumbers is when they are provided in excessive amounts. Even if they get infected, they would suffer from diarrhea and you can consult an expert vet to give them a quick treatment. You should also take an immediate step and stop feeding them cucumbers for few days. A change in diet can be helpful and it would help them recover fast. The internal organs of these mammals are extremely sensitive and infections can affect their immunity levels. Once the pet is back to normal you can consult with your vet again and start providing them cucumbers.

You should wash all the fruits and vegetables before feeding them to your pet. Any kind of chemicals or bacteria present in the food can react fast causing various health issues to the hamster.

What Should Be An Alternative To Cucumbers If It Affects My Pet?

There are huge amount of fruits and vegetables that can be offered to your hamster, in case cucumbers don’t suit him. Although, it is a rare occurrence that hamsters get affected from cucumbers. However, in case it doesn’t suit them, you have various other options to feed the animal. Hamsters love carrots, apples, strawberries, broccoli and along with various other veggies. The owners have a range of options when it comes to feeding their pets. You can also provide seeds to them as it keeps them healthy and provides the adequate amount of energy. But in case of all foods, the most important thing is to make sure that your pet is given adequate quantity and the animal does not consume excess of anything. Kidney beans, potato, onion, tomato leaves and rhubarb are a big no-no for your hamster and you should always remember it while preparing their diet chart.

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