How to Stop Your Dog from Digging

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If you have a backyard and take pride in your small garden then once you get a dog things might not look so pretty anymore and that isn’t something that cannot be solved. Here is our guide on how to stop your dog from digging.

First Steps

If the dog has some bones to bury they might start to dig in some places for that, other pets simply want to cool off in a hot day and use the cold ground to do that and others are simply bored and get distracted with the digging activity.

The idea is to find out why your dog is doing this and from there it is easier to find a solution that you both agree with. An overall good advice is to refrain from punishment because that doesn’t cultivate a good relationship and if probably won’t stop the behavior either.

Set up digging spots that don’t disturb your garden too much and if you bury some toys or treats there then he will certainly be interested in that place more than the others. Also securing the garden with pebbles around the plants will keep them safe.

Keeping Cool

This problem is the easiest to fix because there are many ways to provide a comfortable place for the pet. Some wet towels can do the job but there are some dog beds that are ideal for this purpose because they are resistant to fleas and they permit air to go underneath them. They aren’t too expensive and if you are handy you can build one yourself.

Bones or Toys

Dogs like to place some things safe so that they can play with them later but the idea of some bones standing in the ground for a long time and then seeing the dog chew on them might give you shivers, and for a good reason. Sometimes they are full and they tend to bury the rest of their meal, so check on the portions.

Old bones can lead to diverse digestive problems and if your dog eats them then there might be need for a change in his diet. Try opting for chicken necks in your dog’s breakfast meal because they can be eaten entirely and thus they won’t have anything to bury.


Perhaps the dog only requires some way of spending his energy and all you need is to keep him well exercised for this habit to stop. Some toys will also take his mind off things and occupied so get some more and see if he doesn’t prefer those instead.

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