First Steps In Dog Training

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The first thing that comes to mind is that you need a specialized trainer for such a difficult task, but you spend the most time with your pets, so you are the most qualified person to teach them new things.

With a bit of practice and some great rules to keep in mind you will be able to teach your dog new tricks in no time and this will allow you to connect better, so there are only plusses. Here are five things to remember when training your pet.

Use Positive Reinforcements

Just as with children, positive conditioning is a way to teach them what to do and what not to do. You reward their good behaviors with treats and repeat the tasks until the pet learns what you are expecting.

Instead of scolding or threatening the dog you only encourage some behaviors and this will be much more effective while also improving your relationship with the pet.

Avoid Confusion

Dogs will identify certain commands with the person who taught them to him, so while training him you should be the only one telling him what to do. If there are different persons or multiple commands you will only get him confused and then you shouldn’t be amazed that he isn’t learning as fast as he could.

Take it in small steps

Continuing the idea of reducing confusion, the commands should each be thoroughly mastered before moving to another one.

Start with the commands to sit, stay and come, allowing sufficient time to each of them. When you notice his trouble with one of the commands allow more time for the dog to understand it.

Change the environment

You want the dog to understand that the training is for any place, not just for your home, so try to practice in new settings from time to time. This also allows him to socialize with other persons and you get to test the commands when there are many distractions around to see just how efficient they are.

Be cheerful

As a final advice, the experience of training a pet should be considered a celebration of your connection, so treat it as one.

The bond that is created when you teach your dog new tricks is something that should bring you both a lot of joy, so let him know that this is a way of having fun and not some military exercise. The tone of voice and rewards will bring better responses and will make the activity more pleasant for both parties involved.

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