How To Improve Your Pet’s Immune System

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When it gets colder outside we usually take things that help us prevent colds or the flu but we oftentimes forget that our pets are also susceptible to certain diseases like the canine influenza and thus here are some tricks and advices on how to improve your pet’s immune system to ensure you have a better disposed companion at your side.

Clean water really helps flush the toxins from your and your pets’ body so make sure they have plenty nearby at all times. The tap water can still have toxins in it so the filtered water is better and a pet fountain can be help a lot.

The diet is what determines the overall health and disposition of the pets and thus a balanced diet with healthy ingredients will be the best gift you can give them. The discount bags of food might not be the best choice when it comes to taking care of your pet and always read the labels and their ingredients carefully. The Omega Fatty Acids are a must and fresh food is also really healthy.

Talk with your vet about possible vitamins as daily supplements for the pet since these will add the vitamins and minerals they need that might not be available in their usual food. These will give the pet more stamina, help him/her recover faster and boost the immune system.

Exercise is something that will keep the body healthy and with moderate and consistent exercise they will have a boost in their production of cells that fight off infections. The circulation of the blood is increased and the higher heart rate will make the pet stronger and thus more capable of withstanding viruses or other diseases.

Massage will increase the number of lymphocytes and thus improve the immune system. At the same time this is a way in which you bond with your pet, so you should do this along with the regular workout.

A neat trick that you can use is to add plain yogurt to the dog’s meal each day because these have live cultures that help with the digestion. The bacteria in the yogurt are benefic to the pets and at the same time they get an extra amount of calcium into their system.

One last thing to consider is making sure you always try to maintain the pet at the ideal body weight and you do this through exercise and a really carefully planned diet with many antioxidants to improve the overall nutrition.

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