Top Working Dog Breeds

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The working dog breeds are the ones that are usually appreciated for having higher intelligence and thus they are better suited do perform different tasks. Each breed could be really useful in some domains due to their build and talents so let us find out which are some of the most popular working dog breeds you could get.

Sporting Dogs

These are great for hunting due to their speed, ability to work in a pack and at the same time collaborate with their owner for a single task. These dogs can move through water and land with ease, are ferocious when hinting, but protective and gentle with children, so due to this loyalty they are great pets.

Among the most popular in this category are the Retrievers and Spaniels, but Setters and Pointers are also in this category. These species are happy if they always have tasks to do and thus if you play a lot of games with your pets they are a great choice.

Herding Dogs

If you have a farm and some sheep then the Terriers, Coolie, Corgi, Sheepdog or Shepherds breeds are the best choice. They are really protective, among the most intelligent dogs you can find and highly energetic. These breeds don’t like to relax or take breaks, so you should only get one if you are also enjoying a lot of activities and exercise, otherwise they will get bored quickly.

Hound Dogs

They are the breeds which track the prey in a hunt and they excel at this due to their keen smell and sight. Sight hounds and Scent hounds are beautiful, agile creatures and they are used in coursing, hunting and sports like racing or lure coursing.

Sight Dogs

These fast runners can hold track of a moving target while running after it. Their slim bodies with long legs, well-developed lungs and sharp eyes allow them to pursue targets over long distances. The most notable breeds in this category are the Greyhound, Whippet and Saluki.

Scent Dogs

Used for hunting, these breeds use their scent to track their prey and they are considered to have some of the most sensitive noses among the canines. They can trace a scent from miles away but aren’t as fast as the sight hounds because they don’t need to be.

Even when their prey goes across water they can still trace it down, making them invaluable partners. The most representative breeds are the Coonhounds and the Curs, but their booming, deep voice might make them a bad idea for a pet in areas where you are surrounded by other persons.

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