Can Dogs Catch a Cold?

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You might have asked yourself whether or not can dogs catch a cold and the purpose of this article is to enlighten you on the matter while also seeing if there are any differences from what we usually see in human symptoms.

We know that if we have a cough and a runny nose as well as if we look a bit paler than we normally do it might be that we caught a cold and if we see similar symptoms on our pet it is only natural to think it’s the same problem.

Canine Cough

What we call the common cold doesn’t affect dogs but there are many other viruses that can affect the respiratory system to give the symptoms of a cough and a runny nose. The canine cough is the most prevalent and it is really contagious to other dogs.

The canine cough will lead to your pet coughing as if he has something stuck in the throat and thus this is the characteristic symptom of this disease. The dry cough can even be followed by gagging and if you have a puppy then this can lead to some severe complications, but in most cases it will go away with only a supportive care such as rest, good hydration and nutrition.

Other Causes

Another cause for a dog coughing might be the canine bronchial disease and cardiac disease. Heartworms, pneumonia, allergic rhinitis or neoplasia might also make your dog cough, so if you are suspicious about this problem tell the vet and he will determine the actual cause.

Can I give My Dog the Cold?

Dog owners usually wonder if the dog can catch a cold from them and the answer to this question is no. Dog cold germs and human cold germs cannot affect a non-specific host, but it is probable that you and your dog will be sick at the same time since during winter both viruses are more prevalent.

If the only symptoms you see are the sneezing or coughing then the best way to treat the pet is in a manner similar to that of a human. Let him drink lots of liquids and healthy food while keeping him warm. If the condition doesn’t improve after a week then some medication like antibiotics might be needed and thus the vet has to be contacted.


When it comes to prevention, maintaining a constant temperature in the pet’s environment and trying to expose him as little as possible to cold temperature is the best you can do along with some vitamins to strengthen the immune system.

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