How to Handle Animal Cruelty

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There are many organizations throughout the globe that struggle to reduce the cases of animal abuse or neglect and even with them around there are so many cases that it still is a very serious problem. It is important to know which authorities to contact and what the law says about such cases so here is our guide on how to handle animal cruelty.

Of course, the legislation depends on your country and region, but in most of the countries throughout the globe this problem is somehow controlled by the law. There are countries where events like dog-fighting or bull-fighting are legal but even there the pressure to give up such activities is quite high.

If you live in the US then the ASPCA is the best place to call since they specialize in handling animals in distress and if the cases are severe enough then the police can also help by advising you how to proceed.

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is a common name for animal welfare organizations throughout the world and they are knowledgeable about what the best course of action is for your specific region, so try contacting them first.

You should be careful because those who abuse animals have a high probability of engaging in violent crimes against people too, so it is better to notify the authorities before taking any action by yourself. Calling the police should always be the first step you take.

You need to make sure that you can bring evidence of the abuse, so when possible take photos, and keep a written log on the dates and times when you called the authorities for investigations and of what you might have spoken with the abuser.

If you suspect dog or cock fighting activities then keep track of the dates when you think it takes place and use the organizations that are available to help you in your pursuits. In case the pet you know was abused didn’t survive then you should request a necropsy to be performed by your vet because this can offer important information about the cause of death.

This topic is quite difficult to handle in most cases but ignoring the cruelty you see around you isn’t the solution. On the other hand neither is taking everything into your own hands, so notify the authorities before doing anything out of impulse because you don’t want a lawsuit on your hands.

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