Cat Behavior Issues

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Cats are much more mysterious than dogs and their actions sometimes puzzle someone who isn’t used to them as pets. Even after having one for a long time you might still ask yourself questions about some of its habits and this guide of cat behavior is meant to give you the basics needed to understand your pet.

The Cat Purr

Every cat purrs after a week or so from birth and there are several reasons to do this. The most often moments you hear them purr is when they are expressing happiness and it is believed that endorphins are released when they make that sound while also stimulating their bone growth and healing.

Another reason for the purr is that it acts as a way of relieving stress, so when a cat is uneasy or agitated they might start purring to try and relax.

The Kneading With the Paws

This is something that only some cats do and this is another way of showing their content in a playful fashion. While they are kittens they knead to help the nursing process and when they grow up some continue to do this.

The playful actions might lead to things like the chewing of the owner’s hair or clothes. This happens for various reasons and you should try and determine what the case with your pet is. They might do this to relieve anxiety, out of hunger or just because they are bored and want to play.

Cats Bringing Dead Things

Even if they are cute and lovable, cats are predatory animals and their instincts are to hunt. When they are in the wild, cats teach their kittens how to hunt and bring food to them, but with domesticated animals this isn’t needed because they have food provided for them.

Nonetheless, their instincts will still take over if the opportunity arises. There are two theories about this act, one is that they give you this as a gift to please you, and the other is that they consider they aren’t being taken care of and want to show you that they can hunt themselves if you don’t give them food. You should judge which one is closer to the truth.

Eating House Plants

Curiosity is the primary quality of a cat and when they are bored of their other playthings even leaves might become interesting. Another reason for this action is because plants like grass act as purgatives and will help them with the hairball passage, so you might want to find some way to prevent this problem.

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