How to Have a Stress Free Home For Your Pet

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This topic applies to some pets more than others, most dogs won’t be troubled as much by their environments as cats, rabbits or hamsters, but there is an important connection between the habitat of the pet and its health, so here is how to have a stress free home for your pet.

Novelty can be good or bad, depending on how safe the pet feels, so if he’s just getting used to the apartment or home, then it might be better to keep everything steady until they adapt to the environment. Cats are especially known for not being fans of changes so bear that in mind.

There are studies connecting a daily routine with health and if you start moving their food bowls or litter boxes you might notice things such as vomiting or hairball regurgitation that will cause the pets pain.

A cat as most other pets feels better when there is some room to explore and move. If the pet feels restrained or trapped then there is no wonder you will start noticing symptoms of illness, so ensure enough space for the pet.

Make sure each pet has a litter box that is suitable for their size and needs while also maintaining them clean. Perches give pets an elevated position from which they can survey the surroundings and this makes them feel safer since they can anticipate any danger in time.

Trees or shelves are preferred and the more pets you have the more of these should be included. Cats like to scratch some areas as a way of marking their territory and to relieve stress or anxiety, so you should provide an appropriate place where they can do this; otherwise your carpet will probably become the target.

If you put a new pet in a place where there is just you and him then he might feel threatened just as is the case when you have guests or other pets around. Make sure there are always places for the pet to retreat to and cats especially enjoy hiding throughout the apartment.

These are some guidelines for the environment but the main way of reducing stress is by interacting with your pet regularly through play and cuddling. Try different toys like feathery balls or laser pointers and have a few sessions each day to keep them fit, reduce anxiety and give them additional reasons to feel good in your presence.

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