Can Rats Eat Apples

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can rats eat apples

Having a balanced diet is very important for every breathing creature on this planet, be it human or an animal. What you feed your animal has a lot of saying in their overall health. You must know which foods are allowed and which cause them harm. Can rats eat apples or are these fruits toxic and possible deadly to your pet?

can rats eat apples

Can Rats Eat Apples And How Much?

Yes, rats can eat apples. These fruits are not at all toxic for your pet and are actually recommended as a treat. Although, the pulp itself and the skin represent no harm, keep your rat away from any seeds since there is a trace of cyanide in them. At the same time, feed your pet with small quantities. If any piece of apple is left inside his cage, remove it as soon as possible before it gets spoiled and affects your rat’s health.

When it comes to green fruits, keep them coming in moderation. Rats have a very sensitive stomach and this could provoke indigestion and diarrhea.

Try to chop the pieces as small as possible and put them in its cage. It will be able to eat them faster than a whole apple. You can also just cut half of the apple and give it to your rat and eat the other half yourself. This way, both of you will have a balanced diet.

Other Important Things Your Rat Needs In Order To Be Healthy

Provide him a quiet place at daytime, keep your pet active, and get another rat for him to socialize with. These are the three most important things you can do for your baby rat.

Rats are very sensitive when it comes to their sleep. Being nocturnal creatures, they are the most active during the night and during the day they sleep mostly. Placing its cage in a very busy room throughout the day can stress it out and make your rat sleep deprived. They also get stressed really easily, so try not to force it to do anything the rat does not like, such as swimming or climbing on things. If your pet does not feel like doing it, it will not do it. Let it have the ultimate word and let the choice be his. Although, they are very curious, rats are also shy. When facing a threat, they prefer to run away and hide in a corner.

The second thing you can do is to place its play structures inside its cage, such as cubes of different sizes and ropes. This way, you will keep it active and it will not get fat. Rats are prone to obesity, so making sure it stays active is highly important. To lure it to be more active, you can place different treats on the highest places. The rat will smell the food and climb up in order to get the treat. Rats are very clever pets as well. After you have done this trick a couple of times, it will get used to it and get to the reward faster. Do not be surprised when you will hear a squeaky sound when they play. When happy, your rat’s eyes might look like they are vibrating and it might grind its teeth.

The third important thing that could change your rat’s life is a companion. Rats that have no one to play with, besides you, tend to get lonely and depressed. You can buy a pair of rats and a bigger cage which you can decorate after your taste. Rats also tend to leave out personal experiences and copy the behaviors of others. If one of your rats might be chewing on spoiled food that you forgot to take away, your other rat might come and do the same thing. While imitation of such behavior is not healthy, the companionship definitely ensures your rat’s health record.

While they can go longer than a camel without water, you should always provide your baby rat with enough water. Just as any other animal, it needs to be hydrated at all times. The water must be fresh, refill your rat’s water tray in case it is empty or you can switch the water it had.

One very important fact everyone should know about rats in general is that they are some of the cleanest animals on the planet. Although, they are associated with death and dirt, they spend a good couple of hours grooming themselves. They also groom their group members and take good care of those who have suffered injuries. They are less likely to transfer viruses and parasites than dogs and cats.

Overall, keeping your rat on a balanced diet and doing your research before offering it any new type of food is of high importance. It is best to know from the start how and what affects your rat’s health than to be sorry later on.

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