Can Rats Eat Almonds

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can rats eat almonds

Can rats eat almonds? Most pet owners wonder about their little furry friend’s diet and how they can improve it. We will provide you the answers to these questions in the following paragraphs. We will also explain about the foods  you should give to your rat in order to offer it the right amount of nutrients and energy.

can rats eat almonds

Can Rats Eat Almonds Or Not?

As you may already know from the nutritional facts listed on the labels of nuts, almonds or peanuts, they contain a lot of fats and proteins. They may be good for us, but not for your rat because it can easily get fat or even obese. So, try to avoid almonds, nuts and peanuts when considering your pet’s diet in order to not cause him any health problems that can’t be cured.

Almonds contain 72% fats of which only 18% are saturated fats. They have 25% calcium, 20% iron and 46% fibers. As you can see, they have a large concentration of fats that can be deadly for your pet if given in large quantities.

All the foods that contain fats, including almonds, are not recommended to be included in your rat’s diet. If you still want to give your pet almonds, you should give it a very small amount and very rarely. Only as a special treat.

What Foods Should I Choose For My Rats Diet?

The little pets can get fat very easily if we don’t take care of their diet. In order to prevent obesity, we have to choose a balanced diet with meat, fruits and vegetables. Meat is the main source of nutrients, proteins and vitamins for rats. You have many varieties from which you can choose, like chicken, shrimp, salmon, beef or oysters.

Your rat only needs between 1/8 and 1/4 a cup of fruits and vegetables because these ingredients can satisfy its appetite in an instant. Keep in mind that you should avoid fruits and vegetables that have a high level of sugar or water content because it can cause diarrhea or other serious digestive problems.

The fruits that you can give your rat are: grapes, blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries. The vegetables that you can include into its diet are: broccoli, peas, mushrooms, endive or cooked green cabbage.

When you choose fruits and vegetables, keep in mind that they should be organic and kept away from chemicals and pesticides. In order to remove any germs, wash them thoroughly and peel them before serving them to your rat.

On the market, you can find lab blocks which are highly recommended for your rat’s diet. They have the perfect combination of vitamins, nutrients and proteins for your rat and they will give it the energy it needs. Remember that everything that you’ll give your rat should come in small amounts because it has a little stomach and can’t process large quantities of foods.

You should also know that rat males don’t need so many proteins when it comes to lab blocks, it can make them sick. The right lab block for them is between 16% – 18% proteins. For females and their pups, you will need lab blocks with 22% protein because they need to grow and have more energy than males.

The Environment

We have talked about the rats diet, now it’s the time to find out more information about the environment in which they should live.

The perfect place for a rat should be safe and spacious. When the rat is very little, you can use a hamster cage or an aquarium. When it reaches maturity, you should change the place in order for the pet to have more space. You must clean the place at least once a week. Otherwise, the mess can be very dangerous for your little fellow. The bacteria can infect the place where the rat lives and can damage its health. Place a bottle of water in the cage, some toys and a wheel where the rat will exercise in order to maintain its health.

When you adopt a rat, you have to be very cautious about many decisions that you make. If you have other animals, you need to pay more attention to the place chosen for the rat. The food must be fresh and organic in order to give it energy and the nutrients that it needs.

Lastly, but not least, even if it is a small animal, it needs your full attention and love in order to have a good mood and a happy life, so don’t forget to pet it and play with it every day.

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