How High Can Rabbits Jump

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how high can rabbits jump

No matter if you want to keep your vegetable garden whole and safe or your little rabbit pet friend at home, for certain you’ve asked yourself how high can rabbits jump. We all know that these cute little creatures love to hop around all day long, but sometimes that’s exactly the annoying side of the matter.

You only want him on one side of the fence, either out or in, depending on what you’re trying to achieve there, without bunny messing around at his own will. So, if you think about raising a fence, first you should think at what options that little fellow has on getting over, through or around it.

How High Can Rabbits Jump

While they seem adorable, rabbits are fast movers and they can do more than just hop around day in and day out. Actually they can jump quite high and it won’t take long to give most farmers a hard time while they’re trying to keep their crops in one piece.

While the height of the jump depends on more than one factor, most rabbits are able to do a vertical jump of up to 2 feet high, but some specialists state that the height can reach 4 feet, which means over one meter.

Domestic vs. Wild Rabbits

As is the case with us humans, rabbits that live in a household as pets and not in their natural and very active and engaging environment, tend to not get enough exercise, so they might not be able to exceed 2 feet in a vertical jump.

Some even say that due to the fact that they’re well fed, combined with the lack of exercise, most pet rabbits will be too heavy and slow for such a performance.

So domesticated rabbits might only be cute and adorable and hopping around all day long without causing much trouble to anything.

But things change when we’re talking about wild rabbits which can leap up to 4 feet vertically, as they will be able to pass over many obstacles to get to chew on those goodies in people’s gardens.

The Fences

Now if you think about building a good fence around your property, a 3 feet height should be good enough to pose an unpassable barrier for most rabbits out there. Remember that those rabbits who can jump up to 4 feet high are to other rabbits what athletes are to the regular human being.

One other thing to consider when taking the decision to build a wall or a fence is to burry it deep enough as well, as rabbits will try to dig under it if the fence is too high.

Well, who wouldn’t do that to get a chance to chew on some good stuff?

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