Where Can Rabbits Sleep

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where can rabbits sleep

So you’ve got yourself a lovely little bunny to share your life with and you want him to have the best of everything. You’ve got him the best food a rabbit can have, but now you’re wondering where can rabbits sleep.

Since he’s not in his natural environment anymore, there has to be something to imitate that to an extent, so your little long-eared friend to enjoy his daily naps. Here we’ll cover a few bed ideas your rabbit might enjoy.

Where Can Rabbits Sleep

The main thing that has to be taken into consideration here is that your furry friend has to feel safe and comfortable in his new home.

As you already know, rabbits are prey animals and they need a safe comfy corner to be able to get some rest. If they don’t feel safe in a place, they won’t be able to get the much needed sleep.

Plush Beds

One idea is to go take a look in various pet stores for fabric beds – you might find them in cat/dog areas. They come in many shapes, colors and sizes and they might just be the very thing your rabbit is looking for.

They’re easy to wash, some of them even featuring a changeable and washable cover. Keep in mind the fact that while they may look comfortable, depending on your rabbit’s living and sleeping habits and needs, they might not like them at all. But you can’t know that until you try, right?

Rugs, Towels or Blankets

While special fabric or plush beds can be a little expensive, blankets, towels or rugs are a cheap alternative and they can also be washed and replaced without having to win the lottery first.

Cotton and fleece both make for a good soft and comfortable material for your little bunny friend to sleep on. And if you’re not able to lay them properly and make a comfy bed out of them – we humans seem to never get that right – your fluffy friend will do the job with a little bit of blanket digging.


Another good option would be combining blankets or towels with a basket. They come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, and they’re made from different materials. With these, make sure you ask if they’re treated, or go for baskets made specifically for pets, as they’re untreated.

Other Options

For sure there are tons of options out there, but you can look for wooden beds, like the ones Ikea makes, or the more and more popular – at least among rabbits – grass mats or beds that are both comfortable and edible.

Sometimes, a rabbit’s best option includes your own bed, so if that’s the case, leave him be and take it as a compliment since he feels safe and comfortable around you.

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