Can Rats Eat Raisins

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can rats eat raisins

Your pet’s reaction to new food can be quite entertaining, so you often end up thinking whether the food you’re eating it is good for your pet or not. So, perhaps this question popped in your mind: can rats eat raisins? This article will provide you with the necessary information regarding this aspect and another bunch of tips you should know about your favorite furry pet. So, read along!

can rats eat raisins

Can Rats Eat Raisins? – Yes, in Very Small Amounts

Raisins embody a lot of beneficial particularities that make them really good for your health: they are a natural source of antioxidants; they’re also rich in potassium and magnesium. And they’re really tasty! However, for your pet rat they might not be the right choice. As raisins are small and present a harsh, thick texture, your pet will find it difficult to chew them, therefore there’s the risk of chocking. And you don’t want that, do you?

Nonetheless, apart from this, raisins are fine for your pet to consume if you cut them down in really tiny pieces in order to prevent your furry friend from chocking. But bear in mind that even so, you shouldn’t feed it raisins more than once a week. Raisins are high in sugar and too much of them can be harmful for your pet, as rats have sensitive stomachs.

Also, do take into account that you should provide your pet rat with various green snacks such as carrots, sweet potatoes, broccoli, green beans and so on. You should offer these foods at least a few times a week. The rat will chew on almost anything you give it!

What Foods Should I Avoid Feeding My Rat?

There are a number of things you ought to avoid when feeding your pet. Some ingredients are too harsh for its stomach, while others may simply harm its health. I will enumerate a number of detrimental ingredients you should refrain from feeding your furry friend:

  • Cheese. Cheese and rats do not get along. It harms your buddy’s digestive system, as rats cannot face lactose.
  • Peanut Butter. Peanut Butter should be excluded from your rat’s diet because of its stickiness that has caused the death of some rats. Therefore, if you do plan to feed your pet peanut butter, try dissolving it with some water, so that you can prevent a potential hazard from happening.
  • Orange Juice. Orange Juice comprises of d-limonene, which determines the appearance of kidney cancer in male rats.
  • Green Bananas. Your furry pal might enjoy a little slice of banana but you should avoid feeding it green bananas, they restrain starch digestion.
  • Raw Artichokes. Feeding your pet raw artichokes should be avoided because it suppresses its protein digestion.
  • Onion can be very harmful for your pet’s stomach, while also leading to anemia.
  • Raw peanuts are off limits for rats. They destroy vitamin A and the enzymes needed for your pal to digest protein normally. However, roasted peanuts are fine but not given excessively, they are very high in fat.

How to Keep Your Furry Friend Entertained

You want to see your furry friend happy and entertained but they get bored so quickly! They are intelligent animals and they need constant mental stimulation in order to be happy. Here are plenty of ideas on how to achieve that:

  • Build a maze. This is a great idea to stimulate your pet’s intelligence! You can build a maze and at its end place a delicious treat you know your pal will definitely feast upon. This way, your furry friend will be more eager to do the trick next time, knowing about the reward you have prepared for it.
  • Toilet Rolls. Yes! You read that just right! You can use empty toilet rolls in order to trigger your pet’s curiosity by simply placing various treats inside the rolls. Then, block both ends to the rolls firmly, either with paper or some material. You can watch him come up with ideas on how to get to the treat. This way, you also have your share of fun while watching your pet struggle to find a solution!
  • Digging for treasures. Your furry pal will definitely enjoy a nice digging! You can use an empty plant container. Make sure the soil you fill it with is chemical and bug free and then the fun can begin! Your pet will have a lot of fun while making a mess! Be sure you know what to expect. Don’t place the plant container in your living room for a change!
  • Build a tunnel. Another cheap method for entertaining your furry pal is by cutting out holes in empty boxes, creating mysterious tunnels. You can get creative and start building a gigantic castle just by using cartons. You can add a bunch of colorful decorations to make it even more interesting. It is fun and cheap, and your pet will have a blast!


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