Can Rats Eat Strawberries

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can rats eat strawberries

Can rats eat strawberries? When you have a pet rat, it is difficult to know if a certain kind of food is good or bad for it. Many rat owners have learned in time what to give to their pets and what is not good for them. In this article, we have found the answer to this question and we have also discovered plenty of other information that will be useful for you.

can rats eat strawberries

Can Rats Eat Strawberries? – A Frequent Question

If you have a rat as a pet, you may wonder if it can eat the fruits and vegetables that you usually eat and the question “Can rats eat strawberries?” surely may pop into your head. Yes, your rat can eat strawberries but not in very large amounts, otherwise they can be harmful for it.

So, strawberries are a great choice for your rat. They have proper nutrients that will give the rat the daily necessary vitamins and minerals and will keep it full. Keep in mind that strawberries should be a treat for your pet, not a daily meal. In large quantities, it can produce digestive problems and it will hurt your pet.

Strawberries should be washed thoroughly before you serve them to your pet in order to remove all the chemicals that can harm its health. You should chop the strawberries in 2 or 4 and your rat will be more than pleased with this treat.

Great Snacks For Your Rat

Not only strawberries are a good treat for your pet. We will give you a list of good foods that should be in your rat’s diet:

  • Fruits: watermelon, mango, cantaloupe, apples, peaches, pears, plums, bananas, papaya, blueberries, kiwi, avocado, nectarines, tomato
  • Vegetables: fennel, zucchini, spinach, carrots, pumpkin, broccoli, mustard greens, cooked sweet potato, cauliflower, squash, cucumber, celery
  • Proteins: oysters, chicken, tuna, liver, shrimp, beef, salmon
  • Occasional treats: fish sticks, soya milk, cheese, dog biscuits, baby food

Keep in mind that every fresh food that you choose for your rat should be given in small quantities. They don’t need much food to feel their appetite satisfied and a large amount could lead to diarrhea or serious digestive problems.

Food That Isn’t Good For Your Rat

Yes, there is such thing as bad food for your rat. Your furry friend can’t eat everything because it can make him sick. For example, the fruits and vegetables that have a high content of water or sugar are not good for rats. They can produce serious digestive problems. Below, you can find a list of bad foods that can easily harm your pets health:

  • Red cabbage, cheese in large amounts, potato skin, rhubarb, sweets like chocolate or candy, iceberg lettuce, corn, peanut butter in large amounts, orange (whether it’s the peel or the juice), poppy seeds, licorice, artichokes, mango, green bananas, onion

Avoid these foods at all costs in order to not hurt your rat and cause it serious health problems.

How Much Food Can Your Rat Eat?

The amount of food that your rat can eat is influenced by many factors, like breed, age, environment, the time of the day and health. These factors can lead to a smaller or a bigger amount of fresh food. Rats have the habit to eat at night but if you accustom them with food during the day, you can set their diet differently.

Other Facts

The water that you give to your pet is also very important. They don’t need water treated with fluoride because it can cause brain damage. In order to eliminate the danger, you should filter the water that you give to your rat. Put the water in a special bottle and wash it with a brush once or twice a week in order to eliminate the risks of being contaminated with bacteria. The water should be changed daily because your rat can easily get dehydrated.

As previously mentioned, the food that you choose to give it is essential. As you have seen, you can give it strawberries, but in small amounts because it can cause digestive problems. But besides the food and water, your rat also needs all your attention.

Your kids will sure like to take care of the pet and feed it. Teach your kids to give your rat the right food. Let them choose and wash the fresh food chosen and then let them feed the pet. It will create a special bond and the kids will learn how to take care of their little friend without jeopardizing its life.


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