Top tips using the pet corrector – is it worth it?

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This is an insightful review of the pet corrector. To say the least, it is a very interesting gadget. If you’re running out of ways to calm your dog down when he’s in a frenzy, then this amazing corrector could be just what you’re looking for. The corrector interrupts unwanted behavior, for example excessive barking, chewing, stealing, aggression, avoidance and jumping up on furniture, you or worse still strangers.

The pet corrector concept

The aerosol is pressurized air and when the nozzle is pressed, it blasted harmless inert gas. The sound of the hissing air is very loud and dogs hate this type of sound with a passion. Just like humans have different personalities and characters, dogs also display various temperaments to a larger or lesser degree and we all hate certain things, for dog its the pet corrector!

Unfortunately, there are some dogs who will constantly push the boundaries and will try to defy you at every point. This can be very hard work, exhausting and taxing on your good nature.

So what can you do?….

Definitely try the corrector, if you use it properly, you may well see a remarkable improvement within 48 hours.

Often issues can be permanently and quickly corrected. If you’re unsure about using the pet corrector why not have a look at the dog jingler, this also has had proven results.

Our pet corrector experience

A dog we once looked after must have been the most challenging ever.pet_corrector_spray

Baxter was definitely a handful at time, and sometimes we wondered if he would ever understand the message we were trying to implement.

As delightful as he was, he still tried pushing those boundaries and he could be forgetful sometimes.

However, correcting his forgetfulness and silliness became a breeze with this pet corrector.

We have fostered and owned various dogs breeds, we can vouch that using the corrector can definitely change even the most challenging of dogs.

How to use the pet corrector

Firstly, the pet corrector can be bought in three different sizes, 30ml, 50ml and 200ml. Buy the 200ml for the home and a smaller aerosol for when you’re outside. They are much cheaper to buy off eBay or Amazon than from any shop, check them out HERE.

Don’t be alarmed how much you use it initially. More than likely you’ll use a full aerosol in a couple of weeks. Gradually though, you won’t need to use it as much. My second 200ml aerosol has lasted me over a year.

Using the corrector is very easy. Imagine your dog is barking excessively because someone has knocked at the door.

Your dog is now in a frenzy and is incapable of listening to your verbal command because as the saying goes ‘he’s got a bee in his bonnet’.

Grab the corrector without your dog knowing what you’re doing. Keep the areosol behind your back, your dog must not see you holding it. Give one blast and immediately say quiet. Reward obedience with treats straight away. Using dog training treats is easy to implement when your trying to train your dog and have him/her listen to you.

Do’s and Don’ts

  • The theory is, if your dog sees you holding and blasting the aerosol,  they may quickly associate the blast with you, and you will soon become the bad guy. However, some professionals hold the tin in front of their dog and say the word ‘spray’. If a dog associates the word ‘spray’ with the noisy blast, it can be effective and may not connect it with you. However, they must be trained to understand that the word ‘spray’ and the noisy blast go hand-in-hand.
  • When you blast the aerosol, you will have a four second window to verbally correct your dog, otherwise the point you want to implement will be lost.
  • When you reward your dog for good behavior make a big fuss immediately, he needs to positively and fully remember the behavior you want to imply.


  • I just bought this to keep our 2 9-months old cats off of the kitchen counter. My question is after the blast, and the verbal correction (“Get Down”) and then the praise/reward, wont the cat see the can in your hand, or see you place the can on the table, etc? Or is it that they can not make the connection since they didn’t see you press the button…?

    • Hi sorry for the late reply, the pet corrector is excellent for dogs, but not as effective for cats. My first choice for teaching cats would have to be a water gun and with that it doesn’t matter if they see you use it. I hope that helps 🙂

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