The easy way to potty train a puppy

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There is nothing worse than waking up to find your new puppy rolling around in his poo! Yuk, disgusting – the first thing you notice is that it’s everywhere, and it’s going to take at least half an hour to clean. You’ve barely opened your eyes and all you can think about is being late for work.

Another scenario is that your puppy complies with you to go outside for a pee. However, no sooner has he returned inside when he decides to finish off his pee on your nice new carpet. Ahhhh, your thinking this shouldn’t be happening!

Well, you’re right; it shouldn’t be happening. In fact, to avoid these types of scenarios, there are a few little tricks on this page that can help you potty train successfully.

How to potty train a puppy

It can be very frustrating trying to potty train a puppy, but not impossible. These tricks that I’m about to share with you have probably never been explained to you. There could be some that you’re already using, but my guess is you haven’t heard of some of them.

To potty train a puppy is logical and very simple that you’re going to wonder how on earth you missed it. Below, I will also include some excellent resources to give you a head start; for now though, let’s begin with the logical points.

Staying calm when you potty train a puppy

Just like children, never take your frustrations out on your puppy when training them. Their mishaps are not their fault, do not blame or punish them. Expressing your defeats towards them will only set you and your puppy back further. Let’s face it, it’s impossible to go to the toilet when someone is looking at you angrily.

Your puppy pees in the house because he was bursting to go. Chances are, he probably held it for a very long time. As yet, your puppy doesn’t know how to tell you he’s busting. If you reprimand him by shouting or rubbing his noise in his pee, then he’ll never tell you when he needs the toilet again, and he’ll only do it on your nice new carpet once more.

Please remember puppies do not intentionally try to drive you crazy; they are not vindictive, and they don’t know how to wind you up.

Keeping your eyes on the goal

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It’s too easy to lose your focus; it happens to the best of us. No matter how frustrated you’re feeling, always praise your puppy when they do something right. Use treats and praise every time they go to the toilet in the correct place. You will be surprised by how your puppy will be very motivated with something so small yet a powerful.

The tasty reward and verbal praise needs to be given immediately, you actually have a 2-4 second window. What you are doing is building a connection in your dog’s mind that what they did was good. If you give the treat too late the connection will be lost.

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A trick that learned many years ago is to leave treat jars in different areas of the house. Good locations would be on the crate, near your puppy’s bed, every room and in the garden. I also learned to carry a treat pouch attached to my trouser belt, but these can be fiddly to open.

It takes time to potty train a puppy

It’s a learning curve for you and your puppy, and yes it does take patience and time. My advice to you is to remain focused on the successful moments not the mistakes. The good news is that puppies grow up and so toilet training isn’t forever.

Sometimes there’s going to be accidents, in this case scenario it’s best to use diversion tactics. Allow me to explain:

Your puppy sees what looks like a grass spot, but it’s a green pattern on your nice new rug. To your new puppy, it feels rather nice and looks an inviting place to pee and poo.

  • Issue 1) The problem is your puppy did this while you weren’t watching. No matter how hard you try to clean the mess up that spot will always smell sweet to your puppy. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but unfortunately, he will pee and poo there again. The key to overcoming this reoccurring issue is to roll the rug up and put it in the attic for six months.
  • Issue 2) You notice your puppy is looking for a pee and poo spot; he’s sniffing the green pattern that resembles grass. Immediately pick your puppy up without fussing and take him outside to the same area. Once he’s relieved himself give a delicious treat and lots of praise.

There are so many things to think about when potty training that you simply cannot grasp every technique. The secrets need to be grasped before you begin or everything could go pear-shaped. You won’t become a surgeon without having acquired the knowledge beforehand.


  • Me and my dog had many long talks about the potty mistakes she was making. NOt real sure she understood 🙂 She did finally get the hint and now its usually my fault if I don’t get over there to let her out soon enough.

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