How to Use a Dog Coupler

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How to Use a Dog Coupler

Taking care of one dog outdoors can be a problem and with two the problem gets a lot bigger so here is our guide on how to use a dog coupler. This useful tool will help you in many ways but it takes some training to get used to and we don’t mean that for the dogs only since someone new to this tool can find it quite a challenge.

Your pets require exercise and taking them out for a walk is the best choice since it will make you keep fit as well but if you have two leashes they will probably end up tangled. A dog coupler is a small leash extender with a V shape that permits the leash to accommodate two dogs. Another alternative is a double walker leash and both of them will allow you to have a free hand so they are much more practical than two leashes.

How to Use a Dog Coupler

Additional Training

Dog temperaments can be quite different and if this is the case it will prove difficult to have them go for a walk together. This means that your pets will require some initial training to learn how to communicate and cooperate with each other and with you even after they were leash trained individually.

For the first try pick a quiet area and one where there aren’t too many distractions so that the dogs have time to focus on just working together and wait for one another. If the dogs are too different in size then this will be even more challenging and it should probably be avoided.

Possible Downsides

You don’t have the opportunity to reinforce how loose the leash is for each dog with this and this means that it can be difficult to get the hang of it but many trainers think that a retractable leash won’t train a dog so a bit more discipline can be considered a plus for some.

Make sure you pick some adjustable couplers and you test them before taking your pets on a walk as you might have the surprise that they aren’t resistant enough when some distraction appears. If the distance is too large between the two dogs they can get stuck on a lot of things but if the distance is to small they can harm one another so determining the sweet spot will take some practice.

How to Use a Dog Coupler

Couplers Without the Leash

When you have a single pet and take them to the park you might want to let them loose for a while if you trust that they are trained enough. With two dogs at once there is the option of simply releasing the leash but keeping them coupled together. This might seem like a good idea but it isn’t something that we would recommend.

You can consider this to be a test of how well the two dogs work together but it can be dangerous for them and the people around them since they could get into a confrontation and don’t pay attention to who or what is around them. Only do this if the dogs have a lot of practice with the coupler and you are certain they will know how to behave.

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