Can Hamsters Get Fleas

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can hamsters get fleas

Hamsters like other rodents are quite vulnerable to the incursion of parasites like fleas. If you want to keep your cute little hammy free from fleas then you need to follow the contents of this article carefully. This article will provide suitable answers to your question can hamsters get fleas?

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can hamsters get fleas

Can Hamsters Get Fleas – The Symptoms

Hamsters can be infected with fleas or other parasites like mites from various sources. The most ideal source for such infection is when they come in contact with other infected hamsters during breeding or playing time. Their body can also be vulnerable to fleas through food and bedding. Symptoms mainly involve constant fur shedding, itching or scratching of the body and sore spots. If you observe such symptoms regularly then be sure that it is infested with fleas and other parasites. To verify your conclusion, you can rub a white paper towel against its body or you can shine the flashlight on its body. If you see any tiny dark spots that are moving then your hamster is most likely infected with fleas. Please don’t waste any time with the treatment. Seek immediate help from an expert veterinarian.

Some Discussions On Fleas

Fleas are outside parasites that inhabit different physical portions of your cute little hammy and other pets. Fleas mainly survive on drawing blood from the body of the host. They can cause anemia in little animals like rodents. The skin area bitten by any flea can get irritated and inflamed. Adult fleas after coming out from the eggs have to consume food within a week. Otherwise, they cannot survive. The skin color of the adult fleas is dark and their length is about two- three mm long. Domestic hammy usually becomes infested with fleas from other pets in your house. Its life cycle mainly comprised of adult, pupa and egg larva. Sometimes flea eggs can also be transmitted to the body of your beloved pet hamsters through various agents like human touch, dust and dirt of your house.

Appropriate Treatment For Hamsters Infested With Fleas

Once it is established that your hamster is infested with fleas, the first thing that you should do is to remove its bed and replace it with a fresh one. Not only bed, if necessary, change or clean the cage of your hammy because of the possibility of the flea eggs in it. Also, check the conditions of your food, sometimes fleas may also be transmitted through food. After the primary adjustments then have a consultation with your nearest veterinary clinic. If necessary bring your pet hammy for the check up. The doctor would advise you to apply frontline or any other brand of flea spray for getting rid of the fleas. You can also purchase special shampoo from the pet stores and apply it gently on the body of your pet. Use products that are mainly designed for killing fleas from the bodies of rodents only. Other products may further cause additional problems to your hammy. Always obey the guidelines mentioned in the product’s label.

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Treatment For Other Pets

To keep your lovely hamsters free from all kinds of parasites, first you should treat all the other pets in your household. If you notice that your pet dogs and cats have symptoms of fleas then immediately apply special shampoos as well as changing their beds and other items like food bowls and play toys.

Feeding Performance Of Fleas In Different Species

When it comes to rodents, the blood sucking performance of fleas is quite fast and rapid. They can easily accommodate in their soft body parts and draw sufficient quantities of blood from them. When it comes to animals like cats, dogs, foxes and so on. The process tends to become slower because of their larger body size.

If you want to know how to self check your hamster’s health, watch this helpful video.

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