Can Hamsters See In The Dark

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can hamsters see in the dark

Can hamsters see in the dark? Yes, they can but poorly. Hamsters like other rodent species are nocturnal and become quite active at night. Now this article will provide you more inputs on this issue in a case to case basis.

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can hamsters see in the dark

Can Hamsters See In The Dark – How Well Can They See

Hamsters can see in the dark but their vision is poor. They appear also to be color blind. Since they have a poor vision, they also have a limited sense of distance. In addition to hamster’s auditory senses, they use their teeth to determine if specific objects are edible.

Reactions Of The Hamsters In The Dark

As hamsters are nocturnal, they usually prefer to involve their preferred activities in the absence of light only. Hamsters primarily like to eat their food at night and also show eagerness for some extensive physical workouts when it gets dark outside. If you have brought a pet hamster in to your house, ensure that the light of its cage is turned off during the night. So on the basis of the normal habits of your hamster, you have to serve its meal as well as spending quality time with him when the night arrives. During night time, you may witness its playful and joyful nature with other humorous traits associated with its nature.

Reactions Of Your Pet Hammy In The Daytime

Being a nocturnal creature, your hammy will get tired and exhausted during the daytime. They would like to spend their daytime with having a sound sleep without any kind of disturbance. It is quite doubtful whether your cute little hammy can participate with your kids to play and enjoy any amusing activities. Better not to disturb it in the day time. It may become grouchy and can react violently. Hamsters can bite your kids when they are bothered too much. So you must always consider this trait of your hamsters and try to provide fewer disturbances during their daytime sleep.

Keeping Yourself Up With Your Pet During The Night

To enjoy a deep sleep with your loved ones, move the cage of your hamster away from your bed. Otherwise, it would disturb your sleep. The situation becomes quite tricky when you have work or school in the morning. Your pet may disturb your sleep at night by creating shrilling noise in the diameter wheel while playing with it. You also have to withstand its digging because being a rodent it always prefers to dig in the cage. That may also cause considerable sound to disturb your sleep.

Follow A Consistent Approach 

It is a very tough task to handle hamster while taming it at home. Your way of living and the lifestyle of your pet are totally different, it is natural that there would be increased chances of conflict. To counter this conflict, it is your responsibility to follow an unique approach so that your hamster can live a long and happy life.

Trying to alter your hamster’s sleep schedule is stressful for the pet and can cause health problems. It’s best to change and clean its cage in the late afternoon or evening. Learn your pet’s schedule and try to play with it in its waking hours. Place your hamster’s cage in the dark and quiet area during the daytime so it can sleep and rest comfortably without any disturbances. If you need to wake your hamster up for food or drink, try to talk to him quietly. Try to wake him up around the same time every day to get him in a schedule that works for both of you.

Reactions Of Various Types Of Hamsters In The Darkness

Though hamsters like other nocturnal are active at night but some of them are much stricter about maintaining this trait while compared to others. In this respect, Roborovski hamsters deserve special mention because of their unique nature. These hamsters are even energetic and active during the daytime also besides the night. So your kids have to face no resistance from these pets by touching or disturbing them during the daytime. But remember if you notice that they are getting exhausted, it’s better to stop annoying them. In case of Syrian hamsters, you need to become more careful because these hamsters don’t tolerate any single disturbance during the daytime and can get more ferocious if annoyed constantly. So before buying hamsters for your kids, just make sure of their nature, especially their reactions to bright light. In this respect, you can seek consultations with pet suppliers who are dealing with such creatures.

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  • According to petco hamsters are nocturnal and can see in the dark . With there poor vision they use there big ears to navigate them .
    hamsters are also colour blind.

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