Top 10 Tips On Cat Grooming

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Top 10 Tips On Cat Grooming

Even if cats can clean themselves and like to keep tidy they still require quite a bit of care so here are our top 10 tips on cat grooming! These are some of the most important rules and tips we can think of when it comes to making your pet feel clean and cared for but leave us your own tips in the comments.

10. Groom each pet separately

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If you have more than one pet they might feel uncomfortable with the others watching them as cats do like to feel safe so doing this separately for each is the best approach.

Top 10 Tips On Cat Grooming

9. Keep the grooming session for when you are in a good mood

Cats are very aware of how people around them feel and thus if you will be anxious they will certainly feel it as well. When you care for your pet you should be as calm and relaxed as you want them to be and thus it will be a pleasant experience for both of you.

8. Offer Treats

If they learn that after this they will get rewarded then they will see grooming as something to look forward to and thus you will have a more satisfied and cleaner pet at the same time!

7. Do not overdo the grooming

Be happy with just small steps and learn when to stop since if you continue for too long the cat will start hating this routine.

6. Use a small area for the cleaning

A table is a great place for grooming if your cat likes to move a lot as it will limit their space and thus permit you to work better.

5. Restraints shouldn’t be an option

There are situations when your cat isn’t in the mood so postpone the grooming for some other time and if you need them to stay put have another person help you by distracting their attention so that you can work properly.

4. Use some period to accommodate the cat with the utensils

The back of the brush can be used too as it will be more gentle and thus it is a good way to adapt the cat to this instrument. Stroke their backs and let them try to play with the brush for a bit so that they won’t see it as something threatening anymore.

3. Start gently

Most cats love to be petted and massaged so if you start with this they will be accustomed more easily with the grooming procedure.

Top 10 Tips On Cat Grooming

2. If you see that the cat hates some items that you use try to see what the problem is

Maybe the brush you use is too rough and thus a glove might be a better solution. Some people use combs or even a toothbrush to reach the more difficult places although that might be too much for most cases.

1. Have multiple combs throughout the house

This will help the cat get used to these items and they will also be handy for you when you want to start the grooming session.

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