How to Open Breakaway Cat Collar

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How to Open Breakaway Cat Collar

This is a problem that many cat owners are confronted with so here is our guide on how to open breakaway cat collar and everything you need to know about them. These are designed to be extra safe but sometimes this safety complicates things instead of making your life easier.

Breakaway collars have a special clasp that breaks open when you apply enough pressure to it and this is a precaution for the situations when a cat might be caught in something. As you probably know, cats like to sneak through all kinds of narrow places and jump on trees so it is very possible for their collar to get stuck. In those situations a breakaway collar will reduce the risk of having your cat suffocate as this collar is made to break open at the weight of a cat and land safely on the ground.

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How to Open Breakaway Cat Collar

Cats should be able to open the clasp if they pull at it with their claws and thus free themselves and make sure you test the collar before putting it on your cat. This can be done either by looking at the weight and pressure data that comes with the collar or by simply testing it.

Pull the collar to see how much effort is required to make it open and decide if your cat can accomplish that feat. If it will be too difficult it means that it won’t do much difference from a normal collar but if it is too easy then the cat will simply remove it. Finding the middle ground is the whole challenge.

Buying Choices

As with all products these will come in very many varieties and their quality will differ greatly so even if a cheap collar advertises as safe it can still pose a threat for your pet. Don’t pick something that looks like it is poorly designed as it will probably get lost quickly and thus they are a waste of money but at the same time don’t spend too much on something that will be left behind the first time your cat gets stuck. Obviously ensure that you pick the right size, you need to leave some space between the collar and your cat’s neck, if one of your fingers can still fit in there then it is about the right size.

Safety First

How to Open Breakaway Cat Collar

As these aren’t meant to last for a long time, you should have a few lying around. This also means that one of the primary purposes of collars isn’t going to apply in this case and that is to provide identification and a way for your pet to be returned to you in case they get lost.

To solve this you should use a combination of microchipping and a collar since this will take great care of most of your worries and it is the solution that most pet owners opt for. Cats are unpredictable and if you have a backyard then they will certainly love to explore the surroundings so don’t deprive them of that pleasure unless you spend all the time with your pet, something that most of us don’t have the luxury to do.

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