Top 10 Strongest Dogs

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Top 10 Strongest Dogs

Some dogs might not look too tough but can still rip someone’s arm of while others do look scary but are actually quite docile. As some breeds have been used for hard labor in the past they evolved into stronger breeds. Obviously the larger dogs are stronger but we decided to compare their strength through a ratio of power proportional to weight so even some smaller breeds made it into our list. Here are the top 10 strongest dogs which are great choices if you are expecting the dog to do some “heavy lifting”.

Siberian Husky

They were bred to pull sleds and this means that they had to be really strong and have a lot of stamina. Their strong shoulders allowed them to push the harness and the muscular legs gave them extra traction so they were essential in the tundra regions. They carried supplies, pulled the sleds and people through icy regions and their endurance is legendary. Today they are very popular as pets due to their loyalty and due to their beautiful features.

German Shepherd

Top 10 Strongest Dogs

A breed that everyone knows and loves, the German Shepherd are one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. They are beautiful, strong and highly intelligent and for all of their qualities they have been used in a lot of tasks throughout the years. They were used as guard dogs, search and rescue dogs, in law enforcement, in the military and for many other jobs. As pets they do require a lot of attention as they can get bored quickly and you have to keep them interested but you can create a bond that is hard to match with this breed.

English Bulldog

Top 10 Strongest Dogs

You might not have imagined seeing this breed on the list as they are so short and usually quite sedentary. Their short legs mean that they aren’t very fast either but their body is packed with pure muscles and they get their name from the fact that they were bred to take down bulls. For this reason, they are one of the breeds that is used to create all the aggressive breeds of dogs but for the English Bulldog the aggressive traits have been erased a long time ago. They are a bit stubborn so it might be difficult to get them trained but if you prove that you are even more stubborn they will become your best friend.


Top 10 Strongest Dogs

Since they were bred for fighting they are very muscular and dense and they are also really fearsome. There are even competitions in which they have to pull weights and the record was that one pulled the weight of a small sedan across a 12 feet distance. They are very playful and loyal if trained from an early age as they are quite intelligent and can adapt to new situations with ease.

Dogo Argentino

Top 10 Strongest Dogs

The Argentine Mastiff is a white, large and muscular dog that was primarily used in big-game hunting for animals like wild boars. They are really brave and loyal so they have a high tolerance to pain. The latter trait comes from the fact that they were bred from the Cordoba Fighting dog, a dog who fought to the death and was very vicious. The Dogo inherited their power but they are very loyal so if you have one from an early age they will always be at your side.


Top 10 Strongest Dogs

They are strong enough to herd cows or other large animals and they have very strong shoulders, chest and legs. They were used in herding and guarding in the past and even to pull small wagons with supplies. This was quite tenuous for the poor animals and today they are mostly used for guard duty or as house pets. Their personality should be molded from an early age as they can become quite temperamental otherwise so make sure you train them and they will become your best friend.

Alaskan Malamute

Top 10 Strongest Dogs

These are similar to the Siberian Huskies when it comes to the way they look. They are larger and stronger though when compared to their cousins and they have been used to pull heavy cargo over really long distances. Their broad shoulders and powerful legs allow them to endure the heavy load for a long time and their relentless personality makes this task suit them really well. Their personality is actually just as strong as their physical strength so they may be difficult to handle if you haven’t trained them from the start to follow your direction.

Carpathian Shepherd

Top 10 Strongest Dogs

As the name suggests, this breed was bred to protect sheep throughout the mountains and the Carpathians were quite populated with wolves and bears in the past. They can outgrow an average man and their legs are very muscular. Their jaws can break bones easily and since this breed was actually created to fight bears it is quite obvious why they are on our list.

Saint Bernard

Top 10 Strongest Dogs

These Swiss dogs have been used to find lost tourists through the Alps and escort them back to safety. They have become the source of legends due to their selfless character and many lives were saved thanks to their courage. After avalanches they had the ability to dig through the snow and pull the victims out of the snow through their sheer strength but today they are mostly used as house pets since they are so loyal.


Top 10 Strongest Dogs

Great in every way, the Kangal is one of the oldest breeds still living today and since the beginnings of mankind they were used to protect the livestocks of our ancestors. They are known to have fought with bears or other large animals such as wolves to protect a herd. This is the strongest and largest dog existent and they are ideal guard dogs.

Not only are they great as guardians but their nature is to be protective, loyal and gentle so you might be surprise to know that they are really good house pets as well, even if you have small children! Of course, they can become a big problem if they aren’t raised properly so make sure you spend time to train them in their youth.

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