Top 10 Dogs With Strongest Bite

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Top 10 Dogs With Strongest Bite

Some dogs are much stronger than others but today we want to find out who the top 10 dogs with strongest bite are. Raising a pet in your home can pose some dangers if they aren’t properly trained and these breeds in particular can cause serious damage.

The determination of the strongest bite was initiated by doctors Brady Barr and Joe Camp in 2005 when they measured a dog’s bite force by pounds per square inch or PSI. They posted their results on National Geographic to show that there was quite a significant difference between breeds.

10. Dutch Shepherd

With a bite force of 224 PSI, the Dutch Shepherd has a scary bite. In the past they were sheep herding dogs and were primarily bred as a working class pet. They are one of the most active dog breeds and can adapt with ease to new circumstances but will require a lot of exercise due to the way they were bred. They are great as family pets and with children since they are gentle and calm but they are also used by the Police for their intelligence as well as for their force.

9. American Pit bull

Top 10 Dogs With Strongest Bite

This medium sized dog has a PSI of 235 and they are very powerful, imposing and fearsome. The muscular body makes them popular among those who are looking for a guard dog and they were initially bred as livestock guardians. They are gentle by nature and if trained properly but they can get very protective of their loved ones and their loyalty can lead to problems at times. They are very athletic and do require a lot of exercise but for an active family they are wonderful pets.

8. German Shepherd

Top 10 Dogs With Strongest Bite

They are among the most popular domestic pets throughout the globe and that is no wonder when you know how intelligent and loyal they are. Their bite force is of 238 PSI so they can break any bone in a human being’s body. Originally bred as a working dog, they are now among the most versatile so they are used as guard dogs, rescue pets as well as by the police or army for various tasks.

7. Doberman

Top 10 Dogs With Strongest Bite

These were first bred by a tax collector from Germany in the 19th Century and as his name was Karl Friedrich Louis Dobermann this was the breed’s name as well. They are very smart and loyal so they will stick to their family in any circumstances, making them wonderful guard dogs. They adapt easily so they will be gentle with children and adults too. Their body is very muscular and athletic so they are often used as guard dogs or for police work and their bite has a force of 245 PSI.

6. American Bull Dog

Top 10 Dogs With Strongest Bite

This strong muscular breed is larger than their British counterparts and much more active. They have a large head with strong neck muscles and they have a bite force ob 305 PSI. they are great family pets since they adapt to new situations easily and they form strong connections with their family members. They like to cuddle but they are wary of strangers so you should train their social skills when they are puppies to overcome this.

5. African Wild Dog

Top 10 Dogs With Strongest Bite

This is a “cape hunting dog” and they are found in the Sub-Saharan region although they are currently considered endangered. 70% of their diet is comprised of meat so they are in the hyper-carnivorous category and they live in packs, having social hierarchies for both the males and females. They are skilled hunters and the fact that they are cape hunting dogs means that only larger animals such as lions or hyenas can pose a threat to them. They hunt antelopes the most and their bite is strong enough to break any bone in a deer with 317 PSI.

4. Rottweiler

Top 10 Dogs With Strongest Bite

This tough breed was bred to pull carts or to guard homes so they are extremely sturdy. This was one of the first breeds adopted by the police due to their strength and agility and they are still used today in many rescue operations or for military purposes. They are fearless and loyal which makes them a good choice for family pets. The combination of strength, endurance and intelligence means that they are a very durable and adaptable breed and their bite force is of 328 PSI.

3. Wolfdog

Top 10 Dogs With Strongest Bite

Called wolfdogs because they are a hybrid between Ethiopian wolves and domestic dogs, this breed isn’t fully domestic so they can be a bit dangerous if not trained properly. They retain the pack mentality of the wolf so they will be very loyal to their family but the guests won’t be seen with such gentle eyes. Since they are a mixture of genetic traits their behavior isn’t very predictable and they may be a bit more timid than a regular dog. With a bite force of 406, they are ranked third on our list.

2. English Mastiff

Top 10 Dogs With Strongest Bite

These dogs have an imposing size and a bite that is just as tremendous reaching 556 PSI so they can break bones easily. They are calm usually but their ancestors were very ferocious. They will be caring with children and even if they are among the largest breeds you can find they are generally docile and relaxed. They like to rest and don’t require as much play as other breeds but they will eat a much larger portion of than most of the other breeds. A great family pet if you have the room to make them comfortable!

1. Kangal

Top 10 Dogs With Strongest Bite

With a bite force of 743 PSI, this breed is the detached winner of this top and they are also the strongest dogs in the world! They come from Turkey and they were used to protect sheep or other animals from large predators such as bears or wolves. They are protective by nature and very loyal to those they care about but they need to be socialized from an early age to adapt to dealing with strangers. They are very agile, incredibly powerful and can be great pets if you train them properly.

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