Tips for Exercising With Your Dog

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A pet will definitely motivate you to exercise more because you have to take him out on walks and this improves the mental and physical health of both of you. There are some things you must take into consideration though and thus here are our tips for exercising with your dog.

General Guidelines

Each breed has some particular needs and you need to take them into consideration every time you take your pet out. The dogs with short noses shouldn’t stay too long in the sun. Dogs don’t sweat like us, so they cool down by panting and these breeds might develop breathing problems from doing this too much.

Thickly coated dogs are prone to heatstroke or other serious conditions if left in humid environments for too long, so if this is the case a haircut might be a great idea. Also, if the asphalt gets too hot during summer try to buy some protective boots for your pet’s feet because there is a danger of burning their skin.

Hiking or Walking

Safety is the most important thing when taking your dog outside and there are leads designed specifically to go around your waist to have control of the dog while also allow you to exercise with ease. Make sure your pet has the tag on him at all times just in case and have him leash trained before venturing too far.


Water is something most dogs love but there are some dangers here as well. Strong currents or contaminated waters should be avoided and there are life jackets for dogs too, so buying one is a great idea, especially if you go on a boat with your pet. Bring water to avoid having your dog drink from unknown sources.

Other Sports

Dock diving, nosework or earthdog are some sports that you can actually play with your pet and they are great workouts for you both. Dock diving implies having your dog leap from a platform to catch Frisbees that you throw in a lake.

Nosework, as the name suggests, is a way of training your dog’s sense of smell and there are challenges for it. You must have the dog recognize different scents and this skill is used in detection dogs that you see for the police.

Breeds like terriers that were bred to chase their prey underground are ideal for this sport and it implies chasing something through tunnels and trenches.

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