How to Choose a Dog Collar

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How to Choose a Dog Collar

It might be confusing to determine the right material, size or design for a new dog owner so here is our guide on how to choose a dog collar for your pet. There are a huge variety of options available coming from different brands and if you want to pick the one that will be best for your dog you just have to follow a set of guidelines.


You have to remember that the dog won’t really care about the brand of the collar and how much you paid for it so if you want your pet to be flashy think about their well-being too. The way you pick should start from the main reason why you need a collar.

How to Choose a Dog Collar

Is it for identification? This means that it has to be worn at all times and thus it has to be very comfortable and steady. If you just put it on during walks then it shouldn’t harm the dog while they move around and there are even some collars made specifically for training, to help the pet learn the commands faster.

Aside from the traditional collar with a buckle you can also find a quick release buckle which won’t be too expensive but it is also easy to remove, you have the safety ring collar that reduces the risk of choking if the dog gets stuck and also something called the martingale dog collar which offers you more control of your pet. Electronic collars are also common today and are great for dogs who spend a lot of time wandering but the good ones might be a bit more expensive.


This is one of the most important things to consider since it has to be durable and also work well with the sensitive skin of your pet. One of the most common materials is nylon since it is very cheap and it can come in any color. If it gets wet though it will start to smell very badly and it won’t last too long. To that we also have to mention allergies which can be frequent with dogs and it will also stretch if it stays in the sun for a while.

Waterproof biothane is another material that is reminiscent of a leather collar but one made from synthetic materials so you can also get it in a huge variety of colors. It is very durable and it isn’t affected by the temperature changes as the nylon is so it is a great choice for a material.

Leather is the traditional choice for quality collars and if is great since it softens over time and adapts to the neck of your dog.

How to Choose a Dog Collar

Do not forget about the buckle, make sure it doesn’t harm the dog. You can do this by checking their neck after a few hours of wearing it and if you see traces of irritation of scratches then this is a sign that you didn’t make the right choice or the collar is too tight.


Remember that you want your pet to have their own identity but the most important use of a collar is to offer some important information in case the dog gets lost. Don’t just write “Fluffy” or the dog’s name since that won’t be very helpful for anyone. Put your phone number and maybe your address as well.

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