Best puppy food with feeding guidelines

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Where do you begin, and what is the best puppy food to buy? Firstly, the breeders whom you bought your puppy from should have advised you about the right puppy food and how to feed your new friend. I realise though some breeders are unscrupulous, they know very little so tell you very little. Additionally, some breeders are paid to recommend certain foods which offer little nutritional value.

It’s for these reasons I’ve compiled a breakdown of the best puppy food.

Puppies need feeding larger quantities than adults, and more frequently. They need to be given the best puppy food, not adult food or anything else. As a result of growing at a rapid rate their diet can be complex. Furthermore, a puppies rate of growth is 20 times quicker than a fully grown adult dog.

Complexities of the best puppy food

The best puppy food is a brand that has never been recalled, if you own recalled dog food – bin it!

Your puppy will need feeding the best puppy food from approximately four weeks old, this will include their mother’s milk.

When weaning your puppy, it’s okay to feed raw dog food. Also, homemade cooked food is a great option if you have the time.

Usually, the best manufactures will give advice about food ratios and ingredients on their packages. Furthermore, these good companies always make you feel comfortable should you want to call them.

Best Dog/Puppy Food for Pit Bulls

Wellness CORE Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food

When you’re thinking about feeding your puppy a new food; purchase small bags for a trial run. If your puppy has no digestive issues during the trail, then you can buy bulk to save money. It can take seven to fourteen days to swap the food around, it should rarely take longer than one month.

The food you choose to give your puppy should contain good-quality ingredients. This will benefit your puppy with good digestion and he will grow healthy and strong. Check out Dog food ingredients debunked – This will expose everything you have always wanted to know about dog food and brands; and what should and shouldn’t be added in your dog’s food.

You will know if a puppy food is not agreeing with your dogs digestive system by checking their poop. Good poop is slightly firm, dark and well formed, concerning poop is sloppy and yellow.

Bear in mind that some foods don’t have to be bad to produce sloppy poops; it could be a signal that the food is too rich. Whatever the reason, if notice your pups poop is yellow, slimy, jelly, sloppy or have gas, then change your dog’s diet.

Feeding Times with the best puppy food

A few bowls dotted around in your rooms that you mostly spend time in is a good option, even set a couple outside. Dogs and puppies dehydrate faster than we do and die within 24 hours if they don’t receive enough water.

As a rule of thumb a puppy should be fed four times a day at set times until they’re four months old. Avoid free feeding a puppy, it’s bad for their digestive system.

Between five and six months, feed your puppy three fixed meal times per day.

Once your puppy reaches six months feed two meals per day.

After 12 months you can give one meal per day.

Always have fresh clean water handy in various locations until they’re at least 12 months old. After 12 months one or two water bowls in the same location everyday is sufficient.

Canned, homemade, raw or dry dog food?

It isn’t recommended to give your dog solely canned food due to aluminium leakage from the cans. Dry dog food is considerably better, and it works out a lot cheaper than cans.

There is nothing wrong with adding a tablespoon of canned food to dried food to add moisture. Once a can has been opened, put the remainder in a sealed tupperware. Leave it in the fridge until it’s needed again, it can last up to five days.

You may find that your puppy will initially have a dislike to dry foods, this is because they aren’t used to the texture. Though they’ll quickly learn that it’s rather nice, especially if you’ve added water. Water will soften the kibble, it can be left to stand for ½ to one hour before eating. This can be done for a few weeks, gradually wean them off it until the food is totally dry.

Soft treats are special for your puppy, especially during times of training. Avoid commercial supermarket treats, at such an young age it’s best to make your own. You can use tiny chunks of cooked liver, chicken or lamb etc. Be cautious to never over-treat your puppies.

Here are some respectable brands to help you get started or you can checkout Top five-star brands – dog food reviews.

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OrijenPaw NaturawTimberwolf
Nutro Ultra HolisticNewman’s Own OrganicsWysong
Petcurean Go NaturalMerrick Pet CareWellness

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