Getting to grips with dog food allergies

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So you think your dog may have dog food allergies, or your vet has given you an allergy diagnosis. To see your dog experiencing allergies is quite sad, it can cause them a lot of pain. Many dogs are not always allergic to food; they are more often than not intolerant. For arguments sake though, I’ll call it allergies as the pain can be just as bad as intolerances, but it is not as life threatening.

Common causes of dog food allergies

Below you’ll find some very helpful allergy facts, these will benefit you and your dog.

The most common allergies usually stem from dog food. The usual culprits are dairy, wheat, soy and corn/maize.

There are many other foods that dogs should avoid. Like humans, dog can become incredibly sick, either imminently or later on in life.

Should you want to know more about these other types of foods, take a look at Is cheap dog food the perfect formula?‘.

Often, one-star, two-star and even three-star dog foods rarely meet a dog’s nutritional needs. This is because they comprise of cheap nasty foods.

These foods are usually by-products and lots of unnatural food that even we wouldn’t eat it.

Cereal is also high on the list, this typically means there’s huge amounts of sugar. Although by-products and cereal rarely cause allergies, they do distress and unbalance a dog’s immune system.

There are some dog foods brands (see below) that are definitely worth avoiding. They can be shockingly very expensive and could cause toxic overload. I’ve found that just because a dog food is expensive, it doesn’t mean its healthy for our pets – far from it I’d say!

More often than not, cheap dog food brands use euphemisms in their titles and descriptions to make their food appealing, this is to ensure you’ll buy their product.

To the untrained eye, when looking at the ingredients you probably not know the differences between ‘Chicken Dog Food’ and ‘Chicken Flavor Dog Food’. Flavoring does not mean its the real deal, it only makes your dog’s food tasty. Always read the label and try to understand what you are buying – stop poisoning your dog today!

We are being told that whatever brand we choose to feed our dogs, it is a complete and healthy meal. Here are some shocking facts, take a look at the reality of ‘Dog food ingredients debunked’.

Hypoallergenic dog food is becoming increasingly well-liked and why not?. This type of dog food is becoming the first choice for many dog owners.This article on ‘Scrutinizing hypoallergenic dog food‘ has some great information on this subject and has a list of quality brands.

Signs and symptoms of dog food allergies

This is not a limited list and any one of these symptoms could be a sign of dog food allergies or another illness. This list could also mean your dog may be suffering with parasites or fleas, etc. Always consult your veterinarian if you are uncertain.

  • Constant or intermittent diarrhea
  • Three or four bowl movements per day
  • Lethargy
  • Gas
  • Severe itching
  • Stomach issues
  • Vomiting
  • Eczema
  • Inflamed ears
  • In pain

Dog food is mostly found in supermarkets, cheap dog food often causes painful allergies. Many brands aren’t complete or balanced, even it states perfect, natural, or organic etc. Typically, your dog likes these types of foods because they are sweet, have lots and lots of flavorings; additionally, they also contain chemicals that we can’t pronounce.

Allergies can be genetic and may have nothing to do with dog food allergies.

Your dog may have been prescribed an excessive amount of antibiotics during his/her little lifespan.

Too many steroid injections can also alter a dog’s immune system and natural defenses.

The type of breed can also have an effect. Some dog breeds are more susceptible to dog food allergies than others such as German Shepherds, Spaniels, and Dachshunds.

Is your dog suffering toxic overload?

You will be surprised to find out that some of these brands are very expensive even though they offer very little nutrition. Is there any wonder dog food allergies are common?

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