Can Dogs Eat Tomatoes? Are Tomatoes Good Or Bad For Dogs?

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can dogs eat tomatoes

Today’s question: can dogs eat tomatoes? Are tomatoes good or bad for dogs? Scroll down for detailed answers.

Dogs are widely acknowledged as utterly greedy pets. Whenever you will be eating something, the dog will be hanging around the corner in hopes to be offered some too. Whether eating a beefsteak tomato, a piece of beef or a piece of steak, your pup will want a bite!  Doggie begging is why the majority of dog owners may wonder – can dogs eat tomatoes? Yes, this savory treat can be consumed by your fuzzy pup; nonetheless, you ought to take into consideration a couple of aspects as well.   As a pet owner you must research the type of tomato you are offering your dog and any potential side effects that may occur.

can dogs eat tomatoes

Many people do not take into account where fruit comes from, and what toxins may linger.  Most simply associate fruit as being a good-for-you food, without the complications of processed food.  When having these assumptions on fruits for human consumption, the same thoughts can be offered to dogs.  But!  With tomatoes, the plant is a member of ‘the nightshade family’.  This persuasion means that the tomato plant, as a whole, is poisonous to dogs.  All part of the tomato- the fruit itself, the stem, the leaves, the vine, and the seeds can be toxic to your canine and cause undue side effects and allergic reactions.

Finding information on tomatoes, on toxins, and on dog health can be tough for anyone to determine and understand.  Don’t worry, this article has it all covered.

Can Dogs Eat Tomatoes for a Fact?

Dogs are not often associated with eating tomatoes.  For this reason, many may find ourselves wondering if the tomatoes we have in the kitchen may also be used as a treat for our dogs.

Yes, dogs can eat tomatoes.  The round, juicy, and delicious tomato is common fruit used in many of our dishes.  Moreover, the tomato is filled with important beneficial vitamins and minerals. Tomatoes also contain a good amount of water.  The water derived from ingesting a tomato may help to offset dehydration in a dog.  With all the added benefits of tomatoes, you may wish to offer tomatoes to your dog as a behavioral treat from time to time. He/she will truly appreciate your intention. Just remember that tomatoes should be fed to your dog in moderate amounts, too many tomatoes will most likely cause diarrhea and condition called ‘bloat’.

What type of tomatoes are safe for dogs:

It’s best to feed your dog red and ripe tomatoes. Unripe and green tomatoes have a larger amount of Solanine and Tomatine which can pose many health issues for your dog such as heart diseases, indigestion, and muscle dysfunction among others. Also, keep your dog away from tomato stems, leaves, and vines since these are toxic to dogs.

While tomatoes are a wonderful addition to any diet, human or K-9, you may wish to bear in mind that you should pay attention to the reaction your dog may have to the new juicy treat.  He/she may experience an allergic reaction or perhaps an upset stomach. Unexpected reactions may happen to some dogs and not to others. The variability of reactions to dogs and new foods is why there is no general rule that applies to all pets. Monitoring food intake and tolerance levels must be done when introducing new foods.  You have to check and see his/her reaction!  The reaction (or lack thereof) will guide you in your decision as to whether this is a suitable treat for your fuzzy pup or not.

Can Puppies Eat Tomatoes?

Yes, puppies can eat tomatoes if they are old enough to eat solid food. The feeding practices are the same for puppies as mature dogs. However, if your puppy is under 6 months old, you may want to stick with strict puppy food instead.

Make sure to introduce tomatoes slowly with small amounts and then monitor your pup afterwards.

Health Benefits of Tomatoes

There is no secret that tomatoes are one of the healthiest foods out there. Tomatoes are widely known for their amazing antioxidant properties.  Other benefits of this super food are the offering of significantly improving the overall health of the body, whilst bolstering immunity fighting abilities. Furthermore, the tomato is loaded with vitamins such as C, E, K, A, B6, B3 as well as minerals such as potassium, iron, copper, manganese, and phosphorus. Tomatoes also contain fiber. Thus, you may undoubtedly call them super-veggies for a fact.

One of the healthiest super foods for humans is also the super food for dogs.  The vitamins, immunity support, hydration capabilities, and low sugar content allow dogs to reap the rewards of this food just a s their owners.  Dogs may also be more inclined to eat tomatoes, under the impression the food is a ‘people food’ and off limits.  Dog owners know that p[ups who view food off limits may desire the food more.  Capitalize on this knowledge and trick your pups into adding tomatoes into their diet!

Another added benefit of the tomato is the marvelous antioxidant effects that have been indicated to significantly improve the reaction of the body to oxidative stress. Additionally, the regular intake of tomatoes seems to enhance the health of the bones, liver, kidneys and bloodstream.  The tomato truly has the ability to effect every aspect of the body (human and K9) and blood stream in such a positive manner that we should incorporate tomato as often as tolerated.

With these facts on tomatoes before us, we can determine that not only can your dog eat tomatoes, but with the embodying of so many health benefits, feeding your dog tomato is healthy and beneficial in all regards.  Provided intestinal problems do not occur or another allergy.

Commercial dog food purchases at the super market may not be so rich in antioxidants, protein and essential nutrients.  Therefore, a few occasional tomato treats may effectively cover your dog’s need for these essential minerals.  Nonetheless, this does not mean that you should feed your dog tomatoes on a regular basis. Only when offered as an occasional behavioral treat are tomatoes utterly great alternatives for your furry buddy to enjoy. Tomato can be used as a supplement and as a treat, but not as a substitute for store bought food or veterinarian recommended diet.

Tomatoes Support Bone Health

Another reason why tomatoes should be included in the diet of your dog as an occasional treat is because the tomato is an effective supplement for supporting the long term bone health.  Simply by enjoying occasional tomatoes, your dog will benefit from an increased protection of his bone tissues.

The Downside of Tomatoes

The reason why there is a general uncertainty when surrounding dogs and tomatoes is due to a certain substance tomatoes incorporates – Solanine. This substance can be found in higher levels in the leaves and the stem of the tomato. Solanine is also present in the red tomato as well, just in smaller quantities.  The possession of Solanine in the tomatoes, leaves, and stem should be assessed before given to a dog, and researched to learn about the possible side effects of the substance.  Knowing in advance what to expect from the random substances within the tomato may help alleviate any anxiety you may feel given your pet a new food for the first time.

Furthermore, tomatoes contain another substance called tomatine.  This substance is one in which that has been proven to be unsafe for dogs’ heart health. Besides the concern of heart health in your pet, tomatine is believed to be quite poorly absorbed by a dogs’ intestinal tract. These potential complications from tomatine do not occur in all dogs and should not be the sole reason for withholding the otherwise beneficial tomato. However, in order for your dog to suffer from the detriments of this substance, your dog would basically have to eat massive amounts of tomatoes.  Serving small amounts of tomato to your dog will not put the pup in danger of consuming a poisonous amount of solanine or tomatine.

To be careful and err on the side of caution,  it is advisable to try keeping your dog away from the tomatoes in your garden (if you have them).   Being left alone with a garden of tomatoes may allow a dog unfettered access to the fruit and cause over consumption.  If you are without a tomato garden, you may moderate consumption simply by keeping the tomato treats to a minimum and your dog will be just fine.

Harmful Symptoms for Dogs

As covered earlier, tomato plants need to be guarded from your wandering dog, or at the very least, a dog must be watched when nearing free grown tomatoes.  If your dog accidentally has gotten into your tomatoes in the yard, then you should pay a close attention to his/her behavior in order to see the warning signs of possible indigestion. If you suddenly notice that your dog is suffering from symptoms including vomiting, difficulty in breathing, diarrhea, drowsiness, confusion, behavioral change, dilated pupils, muscle weakness, upset stomach, slow heart rate, drooling, then it is time for you to take him to the vet at once.

You should know that these harmful symptoms will occur only if your dog eats massive amounts of tomatoes. If given moderately, tomatoes are perfectly safe.

Even though ripe tomatoes are deemed safe, and there are many benefits to eating tomatoes, be sure to monitor your dog to ensure safety. In the event your pup has eaten parts of the plant, or all of the green on the plant, keep intent watch on the dog to ensure s/he is not suffering from poisoning.  Tomatine poisoning can symptoms will cause:

  • Digestion issues (vomiting, diarrhea, bloating)
  • Heart attack, quickened breathing
  • Becoming uncoordinated/clumsy
  • Weakening
  • Tremor and seizures

Ripe Tomatoes

If you are thinking of offering your pup portion of this reddish veggie, you should always opt for ripe tomatoes. The level of solanine and tomatine are much lower than in unripe tomatoes.  Avoiding risk of ingesting these substances will lower the potential risk of aversion within your dog.  Choosing ripe tomatoes in limited amounts is the easiest method of protection for your dog.

How To Prepare Tomatoes For Your Dog

It’s super easy to prepare tomatoes for your pooch. Buy fresh and ripe red tomatoes, preferably organic. Wash your tomatoes thoroughly in case there are any pesticide residue on them.

Remove all the stems and leaves. Cut the tomatoes into bite-sized pieces and give it to your dog. You can also cook the tomatoes to prevent allergies. Cooking the tomatoes lightly would not diminish much of the vitamins and antioxidants present in them. Just remember, offer tomatoes in moderation. Large quantities of tomatoes will make your dog sick. If you see any unusual symptoms like shakiness, loose stool or vomiting, stop giving tomatoes to your dog immediately. It may be possible that your pooch is not able to digest them correctly so it’s best to monitor your dog after feeding him tomatoes.

Here is a video of a dog who eats 14 tomatoes in one sitting. I would not recommend you feed so many tomatoes to your pooch.

Can Dogs Eat Tomato Soup?

Yes, your pooch may enjoy some of your tomato soup leftovers as long as it does not contain any other dangerous or toxic  ingredients such as garlic, onions, or salt.

A little bit of your plain tomato soup is fine for dogs from time to time.

can dogs eat tomato soup

Can Dogs Eat Tomato Sauce?

Unless you make your own plain tomato sauce, it’s not recommended for dogs. Most commercially made tomato sauces contain garlic or onions which are toxic to dogs.

Make sure you read the ingredient list before giving your dog any store bought tomato sauce.


The bottom-line is that you can feed tomatoes to your dog. They are safe and even recommended treats, but always in reasonable amounts. You should make sure that your pup doesn’t stumble across tomatoes’ stems and leaves; they are entirely toxic for your furry pet’s health. Moreover, don’t replace your dog’s regular diet with tomatoes or any other fruits and vegetables. Your furry pal still needs his/her high quality dog food.

Always do your research before feeding your dog human foods. The health of your pet and safety depends entirely on you. If you are well informed, you will know what to feed your pet, thus, he/she will live a long and happy life.


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