What You Should Know About Raw Feeding

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We think that because dogs are predators their digestion is used to eating raw meat and bones, but at the same time a lot of arguments were brought lately about how this might lead to infections with bacteria like Salmonella or E. Coli, so let us check the advantages and disadvantages of this diet.

The acids in the stomach of dogs are a lot more potent than the ones in ours and they have shorter digestive tracts due to their anatomy which was adapted to eating meat over the course of their evolution. This means that the food isn’t kept enough time inside to allow bacteria like Salmonella to flourish and multiply.

When handling raw meat you should make sure the dog eats it right away, because if he’ll just leave it there it will go bad in a shout while. You shouldn’t have children or adults with compromised immune systems take care of this because they risk various diseases and everyone who handles the meat should use antibacterial soap and hot water.

The designated feeding area for your pet should be someplace you can clean with ease and a crate should help to reduce the mess. The utensils where you prepare your dog food should be used for this purpose specifically and you should make sure they are properly washed with soap and hot water after each meal.

The meat itself should be frozen and kept in cool for when it is needed. You only need to thaw meat for one or two meals and the most important thing is to watch how much your pet is eating to adapt the portions appropriately.

Once he is done with his food you should throw away all the leftovers and start cleaning. You mustn’t save the remaining meat for later because it will turn bad in a few hours if left at room temperature.

The eating of raw food is usually a lot messier, especially when you are feeding your dog inside an apartment, so this is a really good reason not to opt for this diet in that case.

At the same time, considering the benefits that a raw diet will bring to your dogs, such as improved health and a wonderful coat, you should put the choice of this diet in balance with the extra time it might take you to feed the pets. We would argue that a little extra time and attention for the benefit of your animal companion is a worthy sacrifice.

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