Turn your puppy into the perfect dog

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There’s a huge amount of tips and discussions of how to nurture a puppy to become the perfect dog. At the end of the day, it’s what all of us dog owners crave. Some tips on the Internet are pitiful, while others are spot on. However, just like trying to meet the perfect person, it’s just as impossible to have a perfect dog. Let me explain….

There are some amazing people in this world, just as there are animals, but we all have flaws – right? It’s how we handle them that creates a flawless being. If you’re constantly negative about your dog, he’ll be negative back. If you concentrate on the positive, chances are your dog will soon become positive.

I am a lover of positive reinforcement; it works with adults, children and animals. Negative reinforcement produces an utterly miserable environment – I bet many of you know what I’m talking about!

Best advice about raising the perfect dog

.Before deciding that a dog training school is a high-five to teach your dog new tricks, let me tell you it’s just as every bit possible to do it yourself with online videos. I’m not mocking schools, they’re a great social place, but they can be very expensive and they all teach the same thing. Training and tricks are fun; without a doubt you can help your dog do certain commands suh as:

[table border=0 width=100%] ,,
The commando crawl,High-fives,Roly-polies
Cross paws,Kiss,Fetch
Which one?,Dig,Ring a bell
Play dead,Say hello,Carry things
Speak,Crawl,Take a bow
Switch on lights,Walk backwards,Be quiet
Twirl around,Go to bed first time,Touch an object
Circling,Back flips,Hand stands – well mabe be!

Of course, dogs have trouble learning something new, but it’s how you go about it when you teach.

Tricks can be funny and impressive, especially when friends say ‘Wow that’s so cool’, but if you don’t have the fundamentals in place, then you may have problems. Should your dog be aggressive towards his dinner or has dominant issues over his toys, then doggy tricks aren’t so cool anymore!

It’s all crazy….Norfolk Terriers

We doggy owners can get so wrapped up focusing on impressive tricks and simple commands that we forget the important stuff!

It doesn’t matter how old your dog is, it’s never too late to introduce fundamentals to get the perfect dog.

Did you know that more dogs are euthanized for aggression, barking or even growling? It’s not good news, but it’s true; yet, a lot of these dogs could have been saved.

Most dog trainers don’t show you the fundamentals of good leadership so root issues are not sorted out.

The public’s idea of the perfect dog

This is people perspective of the perfect dog and it’s by no means in any particular order…

A dog should be calm around all other dogs, animals, children and adults
A dog should be friendly at all times
A dog should be obedient and submissive everywhere
A dog should be able to walk to heel in public areas

We live in an era of suing, if your dog makes one wrong move, you can now find yourself in court fighting for your dog, paying legal and compensation fees.

Hhmmm… I can hear you thoughts….Sharon you’ve got a point!!!

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