Training Your Cat

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Yes, even if cats are notoriously independent, you can still train them to do some basic things. Training your cat isn’t as easy as the work with a dog, but you can still teach them to come to you when you call, use the litter box or modify their behavior.

As with the dogs the activity of training a cat is something that greatly increases the connection you will have with your pet and thus it will improve the well being of both. There is also the added bonus of proving anyone who says cats can’t be trained wrong.

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We will focus on training your cat to come to you when you call because that is the most vital thing in emergency situations and cats usually tend to hide when they feel threatened, so it will be really useful. It is always better to be prepared for unforeseen events and having a trained pet is the first step in doing so.

Cats are more susceptible to training when they are young, just like other pets, and the principles used in training dogs apply here as well. Consistency is crucial, along with positive enforcement and an overall playful attitude.

Start in the same room as the cat at first and the feeding time is the best time to do this, since they will be more attentive during those moments. Call the pet’s name and combine that sound with that of the spoon hitting the food can, or whatever sounds they usually hear when it’s meal time.

Once the cat links the two actions (it might take a few days) you can try it without any food and see how it works (but praises and petting when doing a good thing should always be present). Moving in different rooms and trying this there will enforce the behavior and make the cat learn what you want from her.

The young cats are more curious and active, so they are easier to teach, whereas the older ones become a bit lazier, so you will have to use something that they can’t refuse such as a toy they really like or some treats.

I have seen cats trained to do tricks similar to the ones done by dogs, so it is clearly a misconception to say that cats cannot be trained. The only problem is that you need a much stronger bond with the animal and a lot more patience to make them listen to you.

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