Top 10 Cat Breeds

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Top 10 Cat Breeds 2017

Cats are more popular than even now due to how many are seen on the Internet so here are the top 10 cat breeds 2017. This selection is made on the breeds that were most sought after this year and the list might surprise many of you.

10. Exotic Shorthair

This cat is lovely for a family since it is friendly and quite gentle. It integrates well with other pets and likes to play a lot. They are usually healthy, live long and come in various fur colors so there is no wonder that they are really popular.

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9. Abyssinian

This breed is considered the most intelligent in the world and this means that they are always curious about their surroundings. They are also very beautiful but you will need to offer them a lot of attention or they will start exploring and throwing things off the furniture to see what happens.

8. Birman

They don’t require a lot of attention and have a great temperament being quite active. With their beautiful blue eyes it is easy to fall in love with them but you do have to watch their diet as they have a predisposition towards getting over-weight.

Top 10 Cat Breeds 2017

7. Persian

Persians are usually calm and keep to themselves and that can be advantage for some as they won’t interact with guests too much. They have many varieties in color and they aren’t too difficult to groom, needing only a weekly brush.

6. Maine coon

These giants of the cat world are much appreciated due to their size and their voice is frequently quite different from that of other breeds. Unfortunately there are higher risks of developing kidney diseases or hip dysplasia and they can get up to 12 pounds so they will eat more than your typical cat.

5. Oriental

These cats have silky fine coats that varies in size from short to medium as well as in patterns or shadings and their eyes also can have different colors. They attach to a single person usually and will show a lot of affection to them.

4. Ragdoll

These cats are quite unusual due to the fact that they enjoy water, something that most cats dislike. The breed is quite large and have a silky coat of medium size. They are quiet and affectionate, playful at times and can be trained easily.

3. Siamese

Quiet and relaxed, these cats are among the most intelligent breeds in the world and this means that you need to offer them a lot of attention. It also means that you can train them easily and thus you will find that these cats can do things that other breeds aren’t able to. They are friendly with small children and with their owners but you do have to gain their trust.

Top 10 Cat Breeds 2017

2. American Shorthair

Very popular in the US, obviously, this cat is gentle and loves to socialize with everyone around them, they have a beautiful coat pattern and they can live for up to twenty years so they can be your companion for a very long time.

1. Sphynx

The number one spot goes to the unique sphynx breed which stands out through the complete lack of hair. There are many persons who suffer from cat allergies and the energetic sphynx cat will certainly help in this problem. They need very little grooming but should usually stay indoors and are wonderful companions since they are extremely intelligent.

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