Top 30 Cat Blogs 2017

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Top 30 Cat Blogs 2017

There are a lot of cat blogs online but here are the top 30 cat blogs 2017 as each year some new ones appear and some of the older ones grow stale. There are so many choices out there that it is be impossible to go over each and every one but here are some of the most popular ones. These are the ones that every cat lover should check out and know about but don’t hesitate to let us know which others you would consider worthy in the comments!

30. Pawesome Cats

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This blog is dedicated to helping cats live a full, healthy and happy life. They come from Australia and although they don’t post too often (about once a month), you will get a lot of useful tips from them. The major topics are cat health, behavior, diet and they have breed profiles to help you choose the perfect pet.

29. Cat Tipper

A blog designed as an online magazine, Cat Tipper is dedicated to cats and how to make them happy. The writers are Paris Permenter and her husband John Bigley and about four times each week they post some info about cats. They have three rescue cats and their focus on the blog is how to take care of cats without having to spend a fortune in the process. They review products, offer tips and much more.

28. Mousebreath! A magazine for cats.

The online lifestyle magazine for cats looks great and it covers cat news as well as arts and crafts. They post about four times a week and you will learn all kinds of interesting or useful things from this source!


27. Cat Wisdom 101

Layla Morgan Wilde provides her experience as a holistic cat behaviorist who wants to bring the connection between cats and humans to the next level. She will teach you how to take care of the special needs of each cat and you get around one post each week.

26. Traveling Cats

A very specialized site, this one is the world’s largest collection of travel pictures of cats and you can submit some pictures yourself if you are interested! Show the world how much you love cats by taking your to interesting places.

Top 30 Cat Blogs 2017

25. Cat Lovers Only

They cover stories, talk about frequent cat problems, share photos and videos and as the name says, the entire blog centers on cats. Their activity is of around one post each week and the issues they discuss might be helpful for anyone with a cat.

24. Cat Faeries Blog

They started as a company who made green solutions for cat spraying and for their health problems and they are always seeking to improve. Their blog is about finding better ways to take care of your cat, finding better food and trying to look for organic choices everywhere.

23. SparkleCat

Therapy cats are something that has been proved to be efficient for many problems and in this blog you can get an insight into how this works in practice. Summer, the Somali kitten is the main protagonist of the blog who travels through the world, models and also works as a therapy cat and you will find out about her endeavors just about every day.


This award-winning blog is about Glogirly and her two cats Katie and Waffles. The tone is quite sarcastic and funny with posts about three times a week and the stories come to life through the aid of pictures or graphics. They also do product reviews and giveaways at times and the money they raise is used to help homeless and abused cats through various organizations.

Top 30 Cat Blogs 2017

21. The Cat Site

With a name like this, you know that this site wants to be comprehensive and indeed you can find everything about cat behavior, breeds, grooming and much more. There are also shopping guides on their site so you can see reviews of many products that are either for cats or for cat lovers.

20. The Itty Bitty Kitty Committee

Quite a long name, this blog covers the lives of foster kittens Charlene Butterbean and Wylla Stout who are the permanent residents of the Humane Society but also of the other pets that came through their doors. It started in 2007 and they post stories and pictures about the cats that need to find a home.

19. Poopy Cat

Poopy Cat is a blog which considers that we can always do a better job at taking care of our pets and so they develop products that are sustainable, innovative and easy to use. They want to reduce the effort it takes to take care of a cat and increase the fun. Their blog is on various cat-related topics and they post about once a week.

18. The Purrington Post

Combining fun topics with news and the latest trends, this site seeks to help you know more about your pet while also entertaining you and they do a great job at this.

Top 30 Cat Blogs 2017

17. Floppycats

This dog is really specialized, it only covers floppy Ragdoll cats and everything you want to know about the specifics of the breed, the best products and food for them as well as some help with their behavior or possible health problems.

16. The Daily Kitten

This site, as the name says, will give you something new every day and they specialize in stories about cats combined with some adorable pictures.

15. Cats on Reddit

If you know how Reddit works you know that this is more of a forum than a blog but if you have some questions about cats then this is the perfect spot to ask them as there are so many knowledgeable persons contributing to it. Always a source of new information and a site that makes you feel a part of a community, here you can interact with other cat lovers and even offer help yourself if you know a lot about a topic!

14. The Way of Cats

From a simple personal blog, this became very popular and now it offers cat advice through videos, books, blogs or podcasts. This is an honest account of someone who learned to love cats and after working for thirty years in cat rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing there is a lot of wisdom to share. You also get great advice on training your pets and, of course, there are some fun videos with cats!

13. cat versus human

Comic strips about cats that are really fun and someone who loves these pets will probably appreciate them a lot. They aren’t posted very frequently though so you might have to wait a while for your next one (around two weeks) but this is definitely worth checking out.

12. Meow! Blog

Quite a colorful blog, this one doesn’t stand out through the looks but rather through the content. It is the blog of Cats Protection which is the most important feline welfare charity in the UK and you can read a lot of stories about adoption as well as information or advice on how to care for your cat.

11. Simon’s Cat

Started in 2014, this blog offers useful information in a very fun way but the main attraction of the site is the cartoon series created by Simon Tofield. The purpose is to make your day better instead of just to find out something new, so just check them out and see if you like this kind of approach. We sure do and a lot more people enjoy it too as they have over four million subscribers on YouTube!

Top 30 Cat Blogs 2017

10. The Catnip Times

Definitely number one when it comes to the best name, this site posts about once a week and according to them, they cover “everything trending in cats”. They support a lot of causes such as the ASPCA either through financial means or through advocacy, voluntary work and through communicating their mission further.

9. CatTime

This site is a great destination for anything you want to know about cats. They have expert recommendations, info about cat breeds, news and they even provide a national adoptable cat finder for the US so that you can search for available pets at the local shelters or rescues. They post about twice each day and so far they have gathered over 120,000 pages of content so you won’t grow bored anytime soon.

8. Your Cat

Cat advice, health and competitions. This magazine is filled with useful information and they post on their site about twice a week. It is the best selling cat magazine in Britain and it was founded in 2000 so they have a long history in this domain. They host weekly contests that can provide you with some great awards and they have a lot of useful tips on how to build puzzles or other fun things for your beloved pet.

7. Katzenworld

The name might make you think it is a German site but it actually comes from Britain and a group of bloggers have started collaborating to bring you the latest cat news about popular events, cat faces, product reviews and much more.

6. Catster

The people at Catster live by a code and that is to have their own point of view, standing up for it and their code can be summarized into these five percepts: 1. a cat is not an “it”, a cat is a “who”. 2. Where you get your pet from is really important. 3. They champion adoption. 4. Harming cats is criminal and should be condemned by society. 5. You can always become a better pet parent. If these five ideas are close to yours then this site will have a lot of useful stuff for you and they post about once each day.

Top 30 Cat Blogs 2017

5. The Conscious Cat

This site is a resource for helping you live more consciously along with your cat so that you can both be happier. The owner of the site Ingrid King considers cats to be her greatest teachers and she wrote a lot of books about felines so here is another place where you can learn from her insight. The main topics covered are about feline health, nutrition and lifestyle and she is also a Reiki master so you can find out a lot more about how to bring Reiki and cats together from this site!

4. Life With Cats

A very efficiently designed blog, this site stands out through the sheer amount of useful information they put at our disposal. They post about 23 articles each week so you have a lot to read each day and they keep you up to date with the news, great stories and also pictures or videos when you need a reason to smile.

3. Modern Cat magazine

This isn’t a blog but an actual magazine and that is why we didn’t put it first on our list but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t worthy of the first spot. The magazine that every cat lover should know is filled with useful information about the life of cats and you get news about various events, videos and a lot of stories. They even have a photo contest and they review a lot of toys or gear for your pet so they are a definite must.


A really well organized blog that is dedicated to the needs of cats and their owners. They offer unique products which support animal shelters and rescue organizations and you can also read a lot of guides on how to do some toys or other useful cat things yourself. The ask a vet section talks about all the cat health problems and grooming tips and you also have a lot of stories involving some of our furry friends.

1. Love Meow

The blog ever cat lover should know is this one as it is dedicated to spreading the love for cats. Not only that, but they often help the local shelters and rescue groups by making requests for adoption and they are very active with their posts. You get to learn more about your pet and also read heartwarming stories about cats who found a home. They also have a special cuteness section and a lot of videos to brighten your day.

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