Top 10 Cat Magazines

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Cat owners tend to want to know more about their cats so here are the top 10 cat magazines that will help you do this. The good magazines will provide you with information on the latest news involving cats, their health and new discoveries that will make your and their life better. Many of them also have stories or jokes that will entertain you and you also receive a lot of coupons and savings.

With the online medium offering such easy access to information it is often easier to just Google something but there are times when you want to take a break from the TV or computer screen. These magazines are great at their niche and are definitely worth the subscription so here is our list of the top 10 cat magazines!

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Natural Cat

This entire magazine is dedicated to help cat parents provide a natural alternative to using medicine for cats. They also talk about the best natural food you can get for your cat that is completely natural and they consider the opinion of veterinarians in this process. If you are looking for a more natural lifestyle for your cat and for yourself then this magazine will show you how to get closer to nature.

Cat Fanciers Almanac

The official magazine of the Cat Fancier’s Association has monthly issues and they cover events such as the CFA Grand Champions, breed features and a lot of info about their program. This magazine is designed to inform breeders and devotees of the cats with pedigree and that is what they cover mostly. They will provide you with a calendar of the events that will follow and the results of the ones in the past as well as detailed coverage of genetics and other things of this nature.

Top 10 Cat Magazines

Kittens USA

Given that this is an annual magazine, it isn’t a great choice if you want to have a source of constant information but they do provide an amazing reference guide about all the basic things that you should know. They focus on offering data instead of focusing on making the material as entertaining as possible and thus it is a treasure trove for those wanting to learn more about mixed breed cats as well as about specific breeds.

Cats USA

Another annual publication that is only available from newsstands in the US, this one can be considered the companion of Kittens USA but for the cats with a pedigree. If you want to know a lot more about each breed then this is the best source. Each breed is described in detail, talking about their personality and the home environment they require. As with Kittens USA, it comes out once a year but it has over 200 pages in full color and aside from the breed data they have a photo contest, articles on kitten care, travel tips and discussions about experimental breeds.

Cat World

This monthly magazine from the UK covers topics of general interest for cat lovers such as behavior, health, stories, cat care and at around 70 pages in each issue they also add some more unique topics. Among the information they add to spice up their contents, you can find things about celebrity cat owners, letters from fans, criptozoology, wild cats and they even have a junior section to keep everyone from the family entertained. Even if the subscription price is higher than for other magazines, it is one of the most beautiful cat magazines you can find and the stories are definitely worth the effort.

Top 10 Cat Magazines

I Love Cats

This is a cat lover’s feast since they cover information about how to choose you perfect pet and also about how to care for them after that. They release quarterly issues and they come with a lot of news, expert advice and even book suggestions that will give you all the knowledge you require. I Love Cats collaborates with a homeless cat shelter and they offer help with adoptions and you can also write to their veterinarians to ask any questions you might have.

Cat Fancy

This is one of the most respected and at the same time intriguing cat magazines on the market. Their issues cover information on breeds, health problems and stories or anecdotes involving cats. It contains monthly departments on health, behavior, nutrition, animal welfare, new product announcements, a show calendar, breeder ads and classified ads and the tone of the articles is light. Since it has been published since 1965 you probably understand why it is so respected and you can find it on most news stands.

Top 10 Cat Magazines

Your Cat

This is one of the most high quality magazines you can find if you are interested in cats and it is based in the UK. Your Cat Magazine has great stories, articles and photos as well as a strong online presence and they cover things ranging from cat comedy to cat survival techniques. You will find a lot of advice on how to keep the cat safe and healthy and they release a new issue each month.

Modern Cat

With a lot of useful information about cats, this online magazine also has the benefit of being constantly updated so you will get the needed information about most of the questions you have. From breed info or photo contests to expert tips or advice and do it yourself projects, the Modern Cat Magazine has it all. Their magazine comes out twice a year though, so they are not very active but the content is worth it.

Top 10 Cat Magazines


The resource for all things cat will put you in contact with the latest trends, products and news about cats. They combine information with humor and they release a number once every two months and their blog is also extremely useful. You will learn a lot of new things here and it is the perfect way to keep up with all that comes out and is useful for you and your pet’s well-being. Their photos are also beautiful and everything is professionally done.

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