Tips on Handling Stray Dogs

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It is heartbreaking to see stray animals that look hungry and frightened on the street and most of us feel the need to help them in any way we can. There are signs to figure out if the dog was just lost but it belongs to someone but if this isn’t the case you might ask yourself how to help the dog and with this idea in mind here are some tips on handling stray dogs.

The first thing you should think about is the fact that someone might be looking for the dog. If the dog looks really skinny, dehydrated and injured it doesn’t necessarily mean that it was mistreated by the owners, it just might have been lost for a long time.

Check for any ID tags or tattoos (inside the ear or on the inner legs) and if you don’t find any just look around the neighborhood for any lost dog posters that might give you hints of the owners. The local paper is also a good place to search.

The law requires you to turn dogs that you found to the local animal shelter or dog pound since this is where the previous owner might look for them and this should always be your first step.

They can also scan the microchips in this place, so it will be the best chance to return the pet with haste to the owners, but until this happens make sure to check on the pet to see if there is something else you can help with.

Since there usually aren’t sufficient resources to keep dogs for more than a few days a good act would be to house the dog until someone claims him. Found dog fliers or bulletin boards will allow the owner to contact you faster, so they are a good idea and a picture will certainly help.

When making these fliers, don’t put all the information about the dog there since you should always make sure the caller is the real owner of the dog before handing over the found pet. Ask them questions about things that weren’t on the flyer such as details about their look and other things you might find relevant.

Losing a pet can be a very traumatic experience both for the dog as well as for the owner, so if you are trying to bring them back together then you are doing a wonderful thing.

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