Things You Should Know About Water Safety With Pets

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During the summertime we often go to swimming pools and have our pets around to have fun as well, but even if dogs usually enjoy water there are some things you should take into consideration when exposing them to it.

First off you shouldn’t force your pets into the water, because they might not be willing to go for a swim at the moment you want them too and especially when you have toy breeds since they aren’t as fond of water as you might think.

Breeds with short legs in will tire sooner and the breeds with short snouts aren’t the best swimmers either. These are some reasons why you find things such as life vests for your pets and always remember to let them take the steps into the water when they feel ready.

The bodies of water that smell bad are probably contaminated and will harm your pet, so check the places they jump into because if they are bad for you they might also be hazardous for them. The strong tides and sea life such as jellyfish might be harmful as well and you could end up having a sick or injured pet after a simple swim, which isn’t something anyone wants.

If you like to go fishing or going on boat rides you have to consider that the pet needs to be acclimated with that means of transportation since they might get really nervous and even nauseated due to the rocking motion.

The possibility of making the pet scared is enhanced even further when you use motors to power your boat and you have to allow him time to adapt before venturing on a long trip.

The life jackets for the pets are a must when it comes to boat rides because you can’t always keep your eyes on the dog and just as you become thirsty so will your pet, so always have them well hydrated and out of direct sunlight as much as possible.

If you take long boat trips often then some sunscreen and eye protection designed specifically for dogs might be a good idea and a way of making the rides more pleasant for the pet.

Even the pools have their own potential things to worry about such as the chlorine in the water and other chemicals that might give him problems with the stomach, so give them fresh water to drink instead of letting them drink from the pool.

Once each swimming session is done make sure to wash your dog with shampoo and clean water after which you should dry his ears to prevent any ear infections that might come up.

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