The best dog supplements that work!

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The best dog supplements aren’t easy to find, and quality appears to be scarce. The nutritional industry for humans and for animals is a multi-billion industry and they all want your money, this is nothing new!

When trying to buy the best dog supplement, the key is to make sure they are as close to their original food state as much as possible. It is best to avoid tablets and capsules; however, capsules can be opened. Powdered and liquid supplements are the next best thing to food, but they’re not a substitute.

The other point to remember is how these so called ‘best dog supplements’ are being processed. Low heat is the key to keeping any food close to its original state. This preserves the important vitamins and minerals, trace elements, amino acids, and everything else. It is these components in foods that essentially keep us and our dogs healthy and strong.

Below are some of the best dog supplements on the market. I always give them to my dogs. Of course, there are other brands available, if choose to buy alternatives, then keep the supplements as close to food state, then your dog won’t be liable to toxic over load.

Natural nutrition and the best dog supplements

The best dog supplements – Kelp powder

Kelp supplies iodine to the body to aid in the correct function of the thyroid glands. Kelp also contributes to good pigmentation. Kelp contains small amounts of protein, it is rich in iodine, calcium, phosphorus, and potassium, additionally it is high in vitamin A, B, E and D.

I would recommend Kelp Sealife Food Grade Kelp Meal Powder. This brand collects from the Maine coast and once picked, it is quickly dried at low temperatures, no other ingredients have been added to this brand. Another excellent brand is Starwest Botanicals Organic Kelp Power.

The best dog supplements – Vitamin C

Concentrated powder is easier to feed dogs because you need to put less into your dogs dinner bowl. It is important that the Vitamin C is buffered with calcium bicarbonate as it makes the flavor less sharp.Vitamin C is excellent for connective tissue, skin and joint support. It can also acidify urine, which could build resistance to allergies.

I highly recommend Azmira’s Super C, which comes from a natural source and free of  additives.

The best dog supplements – Salmon Oil

Salmon oil is an excellent source of Omega 3 and Omega 6. Liquid is better than capsules even for humans. Capsules can often be too big to swallow. Never freeze salmon oil.I highly recommend Grizzly Salmon Oil, it has been thoroughly tested for PCB and other chemicals. The mercury  levels are so low that it can’t be detected and no other related chemicals can be found. Add to the dog’s food daily for best results, it can be use long term.

The best dog supplements – Alfalfa

Alfalfa contains many vitamins and minerals and is rich in potassium and calcium. The nutrients in alfalfa are balanced and absorb very well. Alfalfa is an inexpensive health supplement, it alkaline and neutralizing.This is best known for helping with arthritis pain. I highly recommend Starwest Botanicals Organic Alfalfa Leaf Powder, it is cheap and cheerful and will last you a long time.

  • Small Breed 1/4 tsp
  • Medium Breed 1/2 tsp
  • Large Breed 1 tsp.

The best dog supplements – Probiotics

Dogs are exposed to many stresses just like humans. Probiotics strengthen and balance the immune system. They prevent lack of appetite, diarrhea and other tummy upsets.

We highly recommend products that are high in acidophilus such as Lambert’s or Probios Powder and Flying Basset Pro Animal Probiotic. Twenty billion per serving is an appropriate amount. If you’ve bought capsules, open one up and add to your dog’s dinner.

The best dog supplements – Vitamin E

This is a very important antioxidant, it is an amazing tissue healer and repairer, aids in cellular respiration and detoxification.It is anti-carcinogenic, promotes wound healing, better circulation, helps arthritis and the nervous system, it is anti-aging and aids cell damage.

If you’re looking for better athletic performance for your dog, this is a must.

We highly recommend Azmira’s Vita E 200 I.U. It is best given with fish oil as vitamin E can deplete the body of omega 3.

  • For dogs weighing 0 to 25 pounds give 100 IU
  • For dogs weighing 25 to 50 pounds give 200 IU
  • For dogs weighing 50 to 75 pounds give 400 IU
  • For dogs weighing 75 to 100 pounds give 600 IU

The best dog supplements – Brewers yeast

Is cheap and cheerful. It is an excellent choice to give to our dogs. It is loaded with the essential Vitamin B’s and biotin, minerals, amino-acids  and proteins. It is like giving your dog a yummy multi-vitamin and mineral, but in power form.Brewers aids against huge amounts hair loss, promotes a healthy coat, gives vitality, encourages good skin and nails. Additionally, it is know to protect dogs against flees.

I highly recommend Solgar Debittered Brewer’s Yeast. Bluebonnet’s Premium Debittered Brewer’s Yeast Powder is a better choice as it is produced from a natural source, which is beet molasses. Non-debittered yeast tastes bitter and it may ferment in your dogs stomach.

The best dog supplements – Apple Cider Vinegar

An organic non-pasteurized version is an excellent choice to give your pet. It is loaded with natural vitamins, minerals and enzymes.ACV balances PH levels in the body, it is a natural antibiotic, deodorant, anti-fungal and it aids in bacterial infections.

ACV aids against huge amounts hair loss, promotes a healthy coat, gives vitality, encourages good skin and nails. It is also a good choice in  protecting your pet against flees. You can put a little in your dog water, food and you can use a diluted version to clean up those nasty smelly stains.

The best dog supplements – Serrapeptase

This is an excellent choice to help your dog and for humans. It aids healthier lungs, joints, cysts, tendons, inflammation, cartilage and connective tissue.This special enzyme is virtually unknown, yet it powerfully supports the immune system and helps with pain. I high recommend Serra Enzyme – Serrapeptase, which are 80,000 IU enteric coated tablets. Tablets are not my first choice, but they are enteric coated, which basically means their absorption is more effective.

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