The best dog grooming tools – tried and tested!

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best dog grooming tools

If you’re using the wrong dog grooming tools when grooming your dog, the session could end up becoming an arduous, time-consuming task. If you’re like us, we the DIY route since our nearest dog groomer is miles away. If this is you, then your journey could cost you time and more money than paying the actual groomer.

Are you’re looking at making some savings? If so carry on reading…

Using the best dog grooming tools

When you use the best dog grooming dog tools, you will undoubtedly have a therapeutic time. Furthermore, when your dog is groomed well, it will influence how he feels. Additionally, how you go about the grooming session will also affect your relationship for better or worse. How to groom your dog effectively can be found at Shedding light on DIY dog grooming.

Grooming your dog produces serotonin not only for yourself, but also for your dog. Grooming is relaxing, it creates bonding and can be addictive in the nicest possible way.

Lack of proper grooming can affect your dog’s behavior, blood circulation, anxiety levels, and physical state. Most owners don’t consider it or possibly believe grooming isn’t important.However, using the best dog grooming tools will produce a confident dog, his coat will shine all the more and his appearance will be different, but for the better.

By using the best grooming tools, your session shouldn’t no more than twenty minutes, think of how much a cleaner your house you will be, your clothing, your furniture, car and not forgetting less vacuuming.

The less we have to do the better…

Since we have wooden floors all we have to do is sweep with a static brush occasionally throughout the day. The positives of effective grooming truly works at keeping your housing clean, a happy healthy dog, bonding and great relationship.

The best dog grooming tools to use

Firstly, the Furminator tool is amazing, it reduces shedding by up to 90%. The edge of the Furminator sweeps through a dogs topcoat and removes the undercoat without damaging the dog’s skin. It not only removes hair, but will detangle their hair and prevent matting; moreover, hair balls will be a thing of the past.

This tool is the best on the market, your dog won’t feel any pain, it isn’t a razor, it won’t snag or pull and doesn’t cut hair or skin.

Initially, you may think the tool is overpriced, but it’s not; it will last a very long time and is guaranteed to get the job done.

Think about it, you will never have to pay a groomer again. The key to successful grooming is to make sure you buy the right size Furminator for your dog. Newer models come with a hair release button.

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Secondly, a Slicker Brush should used after furminating to catch any loose hair hanging around in the coat. Most owners buy these brushes thinking they do the same as a Furminator, but they’re totally different. We prefer to think of these brushes taking out the last 10% that the Furminator has had difficulty removing.

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Thirdly, a dogs nails are just as important as their fur. If your dog doesn’t walk 8-12 hours daily, then his nails will become long. Usually walking on pavements keeps a dogs nails nicely trimmed; however, most dogs don’t walk those distances. The best dog grooming tools for this job are the Furminator Nail Clippers, they are very strong and will last you many years. Of course, there are other brands on the market  but cheaper clippers can break easily, at best they may last one session. If you want something different to the Furminator ensure they’re made of steel not plastic.

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Tip: Always have an anticoagulant on hand just in case you have an accident and your dogs nail bleeds! Kwik stop’-it’s styptic powder is an excellent choice.

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Lastly, if your dog has hairy paws, you will need to use small hair clippers to trim the hair.

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