How to Stop Your Dog from Barking

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Although it is completely normal for a dog to bark many persons find this annoying and when they do it without any reason it will become irritating for your neighbors and for you as well, so here is how to stop your dog from barking.

Barking Types

Given that this is the main way in which dogs communicate, there are many things that a bark might say, so you should find out what causes this behavior first. Perhaps you aren’t giving your pet the attention he needs and they are bored or maybe they see some bird or other things that make them anxious.

Some dogs feel the need to alert their master about anything that they find suspicious like cats or people moving around. If you listen carefully you might realize that they don’t bark in the same way when they want to play or when they are anxious.

Bark Collars

One device that is available is the bark collar and it costs quite a lot but some consider it a solution. What it does is to emit static corrections when the dog barks and if they continue to do so the intensity grows. The problem is that they don’t work well on the long term (are you planning on having them on your dog’s neck all the time?) and might even do harm to your pet.

Bark Diaries

Note the date when your dog barks and try finding out if there is a pattern. If you see that each day the barking goes on at about the same time figure out what happens then. Maybe it’s when the children come home or something else happens with the dog’s environment.

Technology can help in this field with the apps that monitor your pet and there are also webcams that will allow you to monitor your dog while at the same time improving the security of your home.

Behavior Therapy

Vets will often have more insight into the barking problem since there might be some health conditions that you don’t know about such as dementia, hearing problems or vision troubles. Once the problem is known there might be methods to improve the well being of your pet and thus the constant barking should stop.

Many vets also specialize in behavior therapy and this can also do wonders with your dog if the problem isn’t physical. Try to see if you can find someone apt to do this but be careful because the results might vary since it isn’t a much regulated field.

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