Siamese Cat Health Problems

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Siamese Cat Health Problems

Every breed comes with specific issues so here we invite you to find out more about the Siamese cat health problems since these are among the most common breeds. These cats are outgoing, social and rely a lot on their relation with their human companions, they love to communicate and get sad if they don’t have the opportunity to do so.

The Siamese cat is one of the oldest breeds and it came to the West at the end of the 19th Century when the King of Siam (today known as Thailand) gave four of them as gifts to his British consul-general. They weren’t adapted to the tougher conditions of the UK and even if today they are much hardier they still are prone to some specific health problems.

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Health Problems Associated With Siamese Cats

Siamese Cat Health Problems

One of the things that is special for Siamese cats is the fact that they tend to be more sensitive to anesthesia when compared to other breeds. This means that surgical procedures are going to be more dangerous and can have complications for them and thus you should do everything you can to prevent the need for surgery.

When they are young, Siamese cats are prone to respiratory infections and also the condition known as agenesis of the upper eyelid is something that sometimes happens with them. This condition means that the upper eyelid won’t develop when they are in the womb.

There is a higher risk of developing central nervous system diseases with Siamese cats and these often lead to a disorder known as psychogenic alopecia. The symptoms of this disorder are the excessive grooming that will lead to hair loss. Conditions like this one are usually caused by psychological trauma or chronic stress and thus the cat should take an antidepressant treatment to get past this problem.

The feline hyperesthesia syndrome is another condition that is common to Siamese cats, especially if they are prone to stress and this syndrome causes oversensitivity to the skin. This might not seem like much but the cats tend to react very unpredictably, even bizarre to different stimuli and can become aggressive even when they have no reason to do so.

Siamese Cat Health Problems

When it comes to hereditary conditions, Siamese cats are prone to vestibular disease which affects the nerves of the ear. This will lead to the cat having problem with their balance and they will frequently tilt their head, get dizzy, have their eyes drift or even fall. The good thing is that this problem usually resolves itself in a few weeks and if not the veterinarian should be able to prescribe some anti-nausea treatment.

Reading all of this might make you panic but there are several typical problems for each breed, it’s not as if your pet will have all of the issues mentioned above. Siamese cats are gorgeous and among the smartest cats so they will show you a lot of affection and we consider them a perfect pet for anyone who has some time to give and receive attention. They are easy to train and will also train you and they can live for over 15 years.

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