Should I Use a Cat Collar

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Should I Use a Cat Collar

Dog owners usually resort to collars and leashes when they go for walks but you might ask yourself “should I use a cat collar”? Things aren’t as clear when it comes to cats since they don’t really pose a threat and they aren’t typically taken on walks in the same manner that dogs are. So are there any serious reasons to use a cat collar? Let us find out together!


The most important reason why many pet owners resort to collars is to provide a form of identification in case their pet gets lost. This is why we see phone numbers and addresses on the collars. Sadly according to a research on this subject it seems that less than 2% of lost cats are brought back and even if you keep your pet indoors it isn’t a certainty that they will be safe.

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Should I Use a Cat Collar

Around 40% of lost cats are cats that only live indoors and most of them don’t have any form of identification. The best choice is the use of a microchip because that way you don’t have to rely on the goodwill of the people who will find your pet.

If you have more than one cat and they look very similar it might help you distinguish them through the use of differently colored leashes


The collar will probably be difficult to tolerate for most cats so it will take some getting used to but they do offer a use in those cases when you need to take your cat somewhere. There are harnesses that will help with the same situation and they might be a bit more comfortable for your cat so try those as well.

We consider that there are better transportation options for cats and thus there is almost never a need to put a harness or a leash on your cat though but some owners do prefer to think of cats as similar pets to dogs so they opt for these tools.

Medical Alerts

Collars can have a lot of useful information on them and aside from your phone number and address you can also put the name of the pet or one word mentioning the fact that they suffer from certain illnesses. If someone finds your cat they will probably try to feed it something and if they have certain allergies or are diabetic this might cause a lot of problems so take that into consideration too when figuring out what to write on the collar.

Should I Use a Cat Collar

Types of Collars

Identification collars are popular, but there are also collars with bells that many cat owners think about since they are cute. These can cause some problems for your pet though and they might have increased stress levels if there is a constant tingling in their ear so think twice before buying them.

Flea collars are also frequent but they do vary in quality and there are more efficient methods of pest control. They can irritate the cat’s neck and the material they are made from and the cheap ones will only work on the area where the collar is put and its immediate surroundings so tablets might do a much better job.

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  • yes. I would use the cat collar to add all the details to contact information. incase if he/she is lost. Although there is plenty of website who can help to find our missing pet.

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