Rex Guinea Pig

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rex guinea pig

Buying or adopting a new pet may be challenging sometimes. If you want to have a new friend in your life, you may want to know more about it. Details like how its cage should look or what food is good for it should matter when you are thinking about a Rex guinea pig. With our help, you will find all that you need to know about this species and your decision will be a lot easier after you will read this article. Here, you will find all the details about them, from general info to their diet.

rex guinea pig

Rex Guinea Pig – General Details

The Rex guinea pig is a main breed of guinea pigs, being also one of the largest breeds of these cute animals. Usually, their hair is no longer than 1 cm, which means that this guinea pig is a short-haired pet. Their hair must be dense with a woolly texture, which means that it will not be flat. Rex can grow between 20-45 cm in length. You can find them in various colors and with other hair types because many breeds were combined in the process of reproduction. A good reason for buying a Rex would be the hair that doesn’t need a lot of maintenance because it is short. Because they are short-haired, many people are confused and believe that it is a teddy guinea pig. The difference is that the hair of a teddy guinea pig is smoother and softer than the hair of Rex guinea pigs. They have long, dropped ears around the head and large eyes. Their nails tend to grow a lot quicker and thicker than on other breeds.

They can live up to 6 years, depending on the environment in which they live and the care they receive. If you have a female Rex, the perfect breeding period would be between 20 weeks and 1 year of age. The gestation period can be from 65 to 72 days and they can produce 3 litters.

The Diet Of A Rex Guinea Pig

The recommended food for guinea pigs is a food mix that has all the nutritional specifics that your little pet needs, from fibers to proteins. You can also give them fresh foods, such as fruits and vegetables, but only as treats. If you give them vegetables or fruits in large quantities, they can get sick and have liver problems or diarrhea. We all know that guinea pigs need vitamin C because their little bodies can’t produce it. When it is necessary, you can supplement the lack of vitamin C in their body with the help of fruits and vegetables. In order to avoid health problems due to vegetables that were not good for them, we have put together a list of fresh food that it is a healthy option for them:

  • Vegetables: broccoli, parsley, corn skills, tomato, carrots, Chinese cabbage, dandelion, clover
  • Fruits: banana, apple, cantaloupe, melon, strawberries, blueberries

Also, water is very important in their diet. It needs to be fresh and changed daily. You don’t want your little friend to get sick because the water was contaminated.

Where Should They Live?

The perfect place for it is a medium cage that will be kept inside, but make sure that he will exercise daily in order to maintain a healthy life. The cages with a plastic base are quite perfect for them. For the floor, you can use wood shavings. Make sure that the cage will be cleaned weekly in order to be perfect for your pet. You can place a box or a tube in their cage and they will be ready to play and exercise, they need this daily. In the wild, they tend to be more active at night.

This type of guinea pig is recommended to new owners who have not had the chance to adopt such a pet before They are easy to look after and are very lovable creatures that will enjoy your presence. Guinea pigs are perfect if you have a child because the bond between them will be very strong. Kids will enjoy their social presence and it will become a daily habit for them to play with your little friend. It is a very playful breed that will become a blessing in your house. They can get accustomed to your voice and it will recognize it every time.

Now that you know all the details about the Rex, we hope that you have made up your mind and will adopt one in the future. They are very cute creatures who need affection and will give you a happy experience and many beautiful moments.






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  • Our baby Rex is growing up so fast but I’m curious about an issue: her bottom. She’s got a big tush. Seems to be getting before the front end. She’s not tender, or constipated, and we can’t tell if she’s pregnant (can’t feel babies). Can this be typical?

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