Rabbit Grooming Tips

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Rabbit Grooming Tips

Your pet rabbit will require some attention to be happy and in good health so here are some of the most important rabbit grooming tips you need to know. The loose fur is one of the most common things which can cause health problems since hairballs could lead to trouble and the breeds which have a longer hair are in even more need of attention.


Every three months rabbits shed and when that moment comes you will probably see them lose a lot of hair but this shouldn’t be a reason to panic. If you haven’t had a pet rabbit before you might not know that they clean themselves like cats but they might not do a good job all the time so you sometimes need to intervene. Find a quiet place like a counter table or put the rabbit on your lap on a towel and start by stroking the rabbit at first to calm them down. Covering their eyes for a bit might help them settle down and when brushing start with the coat.

Rabbit Grooming Tips

Get brushes that are appropriate for your pet’s fur type and you can also find some gloves that work well on breeds with shorter hair. Flea combs or shedding blades might be the best option for long-haired breeds. Their skin is very sensitive so if you notice that they show signs of pain it might mean that you don’t have the proper tools. This should be a relaxing experience for them. The brushing routine should happen at least once a week, depending on the breed.

Fleas and mites can also be a serious concern and for these you can find some treatments like Advantage, Program or Revolution but the one that you should use should be recommended by a veterinarian so ensure that you avoid any possible side-effects.


The nails need to be kept at a regular size as when they are overgrown they can get torn or caught in some fabrics. Get a sharp nail trimmer or a scissor type clipper. The best idea would be to ask the vet about their recommendation.

The nails should be checked each month and usually the frequency with which they have to be cut depends on how much digging your rabbit does. If the rabbit has light colored nails you have to trim them just before the red part but this might be a bit more difficult with the darker colored ones. If you are worried about doing this, ask your vet to assist you once and then it will be easier.

Rabbit Grooming Tips


Like cats, most rabbits aren’t too fond of water and they will rarely get into some water on their own. The good news is that rabbits shouldn’t typically require taking a bath so you won’t have to put them though this difficult process. If the veterinarian recommends otherwise it is probably only for some extreme cases and then they will usually do the procedure themselves but aside from those very rare occasions you should just focus on the brushing and removal of excess hair.

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