Playing With Your Dog

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Probably the most important time you spend with your companion is when you have fun together and thus playing with your dog should take a large part of the overall interaction between the two of you.

This isn’t important just to raise the spirit of your pet, but it’s also a way of maintaining him mentally stimulated and it’s also a part of the exercise routine. So if playtime is so important here are some games you can do with your pet to real all the benefits and also have a lot of fun.

Chasing the dog, or having him chase you is the best way to spend the energy you two have, but this can prove to be quite tiring, so let us take a look at some other games you can try.


The most common game people play with their dog is fetch and this is because it comes really naturally to them due to the hunting instincts they have. If your dog doesn’t seem to have those instincts you can still teach him how it works and perhaps the object you use is the problem.

There are many balls or toys made specifically for dogs and one of these will ensure that there won’t be any injuries to the teeth or the health of your pet.

Tug of War

Another game is tug of war and this is really something that you have to take care with. You both pull on different sides of an object, until someone wins, but you can see how this can become harmful. The dog pulls with the teeth and too much force can damage them and the legs can also be weakened by this game, so be extra careful.

The most important thing is that you need to have a well-behaved dog and one that you can control for this game, since the line between play and aggression can be very thin for most pets. If he starts growling it might be a sign that you should stop and teaching your dog to release upon command is the first step you have to take.

Hide and Seek

This is a mental stimulation that will be very benefic for the mental discipline of your pet while at the same time training their noses. Get a treat and go hide with it, waiting for your dog to find you. Don’t make this exercise too difficult at first or your dog will become frustrated.

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